Story Or Substance – Which Is More Important In Video Games?

ThisGenGaming says "There’s an ongoing debate over whether story or substance is the more important aspect of a video game. Many will argue that story is the most important aspect. They might see video games as a form of art which can be looked at as an interactive form of literature. Others will argue that substance is far more important than story because it’s more entertaining than a story."

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SavageKuma1053d ago

Damn that is a good question. I am going to go with substance since games like Saints Row have some ridiculous storylines, the gameplay alone keeps me interested.

Aloy-Boyfriend1053d ago (Edited 1053d ago )

Substance of course, but I take both. Reason why I loved The Last of Us and still do is because it's game where story and substance went along perfectly. And the MP was the fun part.

Personally, I've found out that playing modern gaming only for the gameplay gets old pretty quickly as opposed to retro games. One of my gripes with open worlds is that the side missions often have no context or story behind it and are just fillers. Another game I love is the Witcher 3 because every sidequest has its own story. I say that the story was what keep me going since the gameplay just became a bit repetitive.

franwex1053d ago

Substance, but story is always a nice plus.

tweet751053d ago

substance. A good game should still be enjoyable without a story. Story is just window dressing to a good game. A good story with bad gameplay might as well just be a movie.