PS4 Gets Sexy and Pricey $31 Dead or Alive 5 Theme Set, Free Guns, Gore and Cannoli Theme

Today the PS4 got the usual intake of new themes, with a couple of notable entries.

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Bahamut1054d ago

"What the hell? $31 for some themes?!"

::looks at pictures of the themes::

"Oh, well, I guess that price isn't too bad. Heh..."

Majister-Ludi1054d ago

I wanna know the jackass who pays 30 dollars for a theme. I know he exists and is probably on this site. Please let yourself be known so I can laugh.

Bahamut1054d ago

To be fair, it's a set of themes. A whole shitload of them. Themes are usually 3 bucks a pop, so to get a pack of like 30-something themes for 31 bucks isn't really the worst of deals.

I'd have to really like the game to buy so many for that one game. Unfortunately, I don't like Dead or Alive that much. Even with the boobies.

toddybad1054d ago

It's 30 something pictures of game characters. It is not worth the money at all. Rip off.

VTKC1054d ago

You could set your own image on the ps3 to whatever you want. This feature not on ps4. Now we know why.

vitz31054d ago

For the total 30 seconds I spend in the PS3 main menu during a gaming session I wouldn't call any theme worthwhile. Especially these.

Someone will buy it though, the same people who legitimized Tecmo Koei's shameful costume DLC shenanigans.

Vote with your wallet, don't even buy the damn game, this cancer needs to be excised.

Silly gameAr1054d ago (Edited 1054d ago )

Yeah, it was all part of Sonys evil plan all along.

DualWielding1054d ago

I assume you can also buy the themes individually?

JustInTlME1053d ago

Yes and they've been available for months. Idk why this article is pushing this as a new thing.