Founders Of Rare Leave Company

1UP is reporting that Rare founders Chris and Tim Stamper have left the Microsoft owned development studio. The two have reportedly left to "pursue other opportunities", with the departure supposedly having nothing to do with the poor sales reception of Viva Pinata. Who will replace these two you may ask? Current Rare employees will take over and run Rare Ltd. It is sad to see two people that were good for the industry move on. They made some titles including, Goldeneye 007,Perfect Dark Zero,Viva Pinata. This wont be the last as Im sure we will see them with another company or they may start another company,

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PS360PCROCKS5245d ago

That's weird...hmm hopefully it doesn't impact Rares status as a good game developer, and hopefully doesn't make banja kazooie a bad game

BIadestarX5245d ago

people move on, people get old, people die, and companies must go on. The creator of final fantasy quit square and didnt stop them from make like 20 versions of it. Hope them the best with wherever they are going to do. Maybe Nintendo offered them something better.

DJ5245d ago

Every Final Fantasy title is unique, so they're definitely not sequels. Well, except for the damn chocobos.

Considering most of the staff from Rareware took off long before the Microsoft acquisition, it doesn't surprise me that the founders finally went off too.