Meet the Star-Crossed Lovers of Wingdaria Destiny - Cliqist

Serena Nelson writes: "Their asking price of about $15 is about average for a game of this scope so it's not much of a stretch to dig too deep if you like this kind of story. And after playing the demo I'm most certainly tempted to go up to that level to find out how our couple fares in the end. Whilst I'm still deciding it's worth noting that the demo is good enough to at least start to push me off the fence one way or the other. And it's worth playing even if you don't back now. Hopefully one way or the other they'll find a way to finish off Wingdaria Destiny even if they don't get the money now as I've already fallen in love with the characters seen so far."

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garyanderson1057d ago

Ehhh. Visual novels are ok, but im tired of all the romance ones.