Jim Sterling hints at escapist layoffs

Rumours are starting to circulate as Jim Sterling - formerly of The Escapist - posted a message on his Twitter, apparently hinting at a lay-off schedule at Escapistmgazine.

As of the time of writing this article, nothing has been confirmed nor denied.
No authors or contributors have been detailed yet but we are sure to see the names of those who have been laid off, over the coming days.

If true, this is the second lay-off schedule which Defy Media has endured in under two years.

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Manubiggs932d ago

Always sad when this happens. Yahtzee is really the only thing I logged in for.

ScarsOfViolence932d ago

I loved LRR, MovieBob, Yahtzee, Jim Sterling and Desert Bus.
Over the years EM has lost a great deal of respect and writers.
It's unfortunate because the site used to be brilliant,I blame the absence of Susan Arendt - she was brilliant, Tito just couldn't hold up.

dirkdady932d ago

Layoffs and escapist closure confirmed. Defy doing damage again

McToasty207932d ago

Yeah it was worth a near daily check in once as they were outputting consistent quality stuff, now I go weeks between revists as Yahtzes material takes 5 mintutes to consume so I watch 2 or 3 at once.

SolidGear3932d ago

They better keep Yahtzee! >:€

quent932d ago

There's always patreon, I hope who ever gets laid of quickly lands back on their feet.

ScarsOfViolence925d ago

It's a shame about the confirmation but I have it on good authority that the laid-off individuals are not going to struggle finding new work.
Defy are at it again apparently.