New Final Fantasy XIII TV Spot

Catch a brief glimpse of Final Fantasy XIII in this Japanese PS3 ad.

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JS1HUNDRED5247d ago

are you posting while standing on ur head? BTW, those 1's are supposed to be i's.

The great 15247d ago

Seens your all gaming fanatics, i'm sure you knew what i meant!

BIadestarX5247d ago (Edited 5247d ago )

the one with the i's is another game, the one with the 1's is another game. Square ran out of roman numbers so they had to start with the arabic ones. I can't wait until their start using fractions or scientific notations. i.e. Final Fantasy 67.45423 (mm... though they might be already using that during development to indicate revision and versioning).

InMyOpinion5247d ago

Don't post news 'seens' you can't spell.

DJ5247d ago

I hate it when they tease us like that! Great video though. Gorgeous graphics too.

JS1HUNDRED5247d ago

damn straight bladestar! Final Fantasy 67.45423 will be sweet :P

Bill Nye5247d ago

"Final Fantasy X111"


Lex Luthor5247d ago

Why advertise now?? This game aint comming out until at least 2008 maybe even 2009. Are sony really that desperate??

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