Samorost 3 Review | Eurogamer

"Arguably the most appealing aspect of point-and-click adventures is not solving the puzzles themselves - though they're often a joy - but that moment something whirs into life. Where you're tinkering around with a mechanical puzzle and a new animation triggers. Progress!"

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kraenk123028d ago

Another beautiful and unique game by Amanita design. And just like Machinarium one of the best soundtracks in gaming ever by the wonderful Tomas Dvorak aka Floex!


Samorost 3+ Review - Hardcore iOS

Alexandra Trolley writes: "Explore the planet as a small gnome in larger-than-life magical lands. Your fantastical journey through Samorost 3+ begins now."

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Amanita Design – The Adorable Side of Puzzle Games

Sallvation - I’m not really much for puzzle games, mostly because I’m too stupid for them … well okay, that is the way I summarize the situation, but in most cases I’m either too lazy to think or I get stuck and get irritated really fast and when I’m annoyed I’m very prone to just opening a walkthrough and cheating. No regrets. Well, despite that, I still enjoy a good puzzle here and there, especially when I’m “in the mood” to actually solve it by myself, despite the lack of patience, be it in this specific genre of games or in another one, subtly sneaking inside, trying to lure you in.

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Venoxn4g2268d ago

i love their games..so much passion puted inside.. I dont play most point and click games anymore but come back to these ones..so much charm and gameplay is solid..especially Machinarium and Botanicula..still need to try Chuchel one day


2016’s best-sounding game gave a voice to nature’s small wonders

AVclub: "Special Topics In Gameology explores a specific corner of the gaming world in a miniseries of articles. In this special end-of-year edition, we’re examining some of our favorite unsung odds and ends from the games of 2016. In this installment, Matt Gerardi praises the incredible sounds of Samorost 3."