The Division: Is there enough content for the long run?

The Division has been selling well and has gotten good reviews. It looks like Ubisoft will continue to support it. Gamers have read the reviews and have seen the negative and positive. At The Gamers Lounge, we will discuss the questions of "Is there enough to keep people interested in the long run? and "How is it different than games like Destiny?"

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REDGUM1023d ago (Edited 1023d ago )

I really hope so but at this stage it looks like a years content package at the moment which, from the looks of, the main games players, it will be finished in a much shorter time. Hmmm. I get my copy of the game this week, I'll judge it then. After saying that though we brought The Handsome Jack collection (borderlands ) a good few months ago and am yet to start the DLC of Borderlands 2 let alone the Pre sequel. So in that respect, content wise, The Division needs to add alot more content.

Just an option.

joab7771022d ago

I really believe it will fade out. It may keep a core of people, but most mmo's have people leave and come back. I'm not sure how many will go back.

In 2 or 3 yrs, Destiny will still be rolling. The Division will not.

maybelovehate1022d ago

Me too. A large part of that might be none of my friends are really playing. Hard to get a group of 4 to do the challenges or 32 level Dark Zone.

xPhearR3dx1022d ago

You don't need a group of 4 for that if you got the right gear. Just farm to level 50 DZ, buy the MP5, roll until you get good damage/crit talents and your set. I can do all the challenge missions with just me and my cousin. You can easily farm Lincoln Tunnel Checkpoint on Challenging for HE gear. It's super easy to take your time with until you get better gear to run through it quicker.

maybelovehate1022d ago

@xPhearR3dx: It is more about having fun playing with friends than being easier. I have been level 50 DZ since first week and done the Challenge mode on all the missions. I don't really have any gear left to get that I want but I would like to play with my friends since it is fun to do the Challenge and Dark Zone if you have a good group.

xPhearR3dx1022d ago (Edited 1022d ago )

So then I don't understand, if you have friends then what's hard about getting a group of 4? Don't know what platform you play on, but The Division Reddit is a pretty good place to meet people who don't have friends that play the game but want to play in a decent group.

IMO, beating Challenge mode with only 2 people is more fun, because it's actually a decent challenge. Me and my friends have such good gear that when we team up in a 4 man group, Challenge mode is a breeze.

kube001022d ago

I have this problem as well. Tough to find a random group of people you can trust. If you have a group of friends you should be good

maybelovehate1022d ago

@xPhearR3dx: because they aren't playing. They played the 1st week and then they all got bored and left to other games. Playing with randoms isn't as fun as playing with friends.

xPhearR3dx1022d ago

Ahh I see. Well, like I said, hit up Reddit. There's a lot of hardcore players that are looking for other players. Nothing wrong with making new friends :)

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CP_Company1023d ago

i played more then 150h and can say that there is not enough,not even close.just 3 dailies? that is it? foundation is good,but need a lot more content,a lot more,and a lot more content for end game,because now,is almost non exist.

rdgneoz31022d ago

3 dailies, but you can complete the challenge modes infinitely for loot. Also, the dailies just give crafting materials and bonus phoenix coins, all of which are easy to farm...

The first raid should be within the next few weeks (they said April, but hoping all the 30 man mission runs doesn't push that back as they try to patch that) and a DZ update the following month.

ravens521023d ago

Playing the same missions over again. We need some raids, some new bosses and some PvP modes. I see there adding a mission "The last stronghold " which is cool but one more isn't enough.

rdgneoz31022d ago

"We need some raids" ... " I see there adding a mission "The last stronghold " which is cool but one more isn't enough."

That's going to a raid (Operation, not mission) and have set item rewards. It probably won't be easy see as it has a recommended gear level for it. And in May, they'll have a DZ update.

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