2007: The Ten PS3 games to watch

No matter what you say about PlayStation 3 (and its detractors say plenty) there's no denying it has some great looking games to look forward to. Providing it ever comes out in Europe (it's still March says Sony), 2007 will see the launch of a true next generation of gaming. And if PS3 really does finally come out next September, at least it can lay claim to the greatest ever launch line-up in Europe ever.

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PS360PCROCKS5245d ago

Funny...half those are multi platform...and the only two I will make my roommate buy are ratchet and clank and heavenly sword, and maybe MGS, but it's like splinter cell to me and I already have that

specialguest5245d ago

where's the RPGs? where's White Knight?!?

PS360PCROCKS5245d ago

also wheres DMC4? That's not a big game for the PS3?

DJ5245d ago

But they're extremely promising nonetheless. I agree, I'm surprised that DMC4 and White Knight Story didn't make the cut. Not even FFXIII could squeeze in.

Killzone's probably the most important title, just because it's putting Guerilla and Sony's reputations on the line.

PS360PCROCKS5245d ago

Well yeah but if your trying to show Sony's strengths, multi-platform games are not it...they need to show reasons to buy a PS3, and GTA, AC etc etc are not it... since you can have those and play them on a $300 xbox 360...and yea Killzone better blow Gears off the map or it will never be deemed a title worthy of it's 2005 CGI praise...Sony might not like it but Epic made a game so good, and Killzone is so like it that they will be compared and if Killzone is not better in every facet it will be deemed a failure. Sony also shot it's self in the foot with the CGI, because it will also always be compared to that as well...

InMyOpinion5245d ago

FFXIII, White knight story and Killzone won't be out until 2008.

The great 15245d ago

Are u a someone who can read the future Jenzo

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The story is too old to be commented.