Two Worlds II - New Screenshots Show Off New Engine Update

Topware has released a new set of screenshots from the upcoming upgraded version of Two Worlds II.

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Lon3wolf937d ago

Screen 3 reminds me of Aliens. Call me a sadist but I enjoyed Two Worlds 2, Raven's Cry and its re-release are not the best though (re-release with the same missing spoken dialogue etc., really guys). Will keep an eye on this.

cartoonx1937d ago

me too, looking forward to re-release version!

Skate-AK937d ago

Issues aside I had a lot of fun with the game. I even got 100% of all the trophies.

I would buy the game again of they released it with the engine update on PS4 but I plan on building a PC soon so that might be my best bet.

quent937d ago

They just need to work on the animation and voice acting a bit more, the series has got heaps of potential.

stormswrath937d ago

I loved Two Worlds and Two Worlds 2, hope for a sequal on consoles sometime.

Skate-AK937d ago

They just started developing Two Worlds 3 and plan to have a 36 month development period.

Dasteru937d ago

For anyone who doesn't have Two Worlds 1 or 2 yet.