Take a Better Look at Final Fantasy XIV’s Japan Only (For Now) Maid and Butler Outfits

During the latest Final Fantasy XIV Letter from the Producer Live Square Enix announced a collaboration event with the japanese convenience store chain 7-Eleven granting prizes including a maid and butler outfits.

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noxeven1593d ago

we better get this se. Seriously!

Perjoss1592d ago

Does FF14 require a monthly sub?

Asuka1592d ago

yes it is a subscription based payment model. Though i do not play the game the myself so i do not know the exact pricing details, but i have heard nothing but great things about the game. The only reason i haven't played it yet is because i do not have the time for another mmo =p

Saelyn1591d ago

There are two different price points 12.99 for two characters per sever which is Entry (? ) and then there is 14.99 which is pretty much 8 characters per server maximum of 40. At least I believe that is what the entry one is