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The guys of Gaming Boulevard uploaded their review of Stella Glow and concluded:

Stella Glow is a great SRPG that sets the bar for the next ones in terms of 3D animated attacks and musical score. Sega and Atlus did a great job on this portable SRPG that can easily entertain you for 50hours+ if you don’t skip all the great 3D animations. It’s great at conveying this very Japanese styled strategic gameplay you’d expect! You’ll want to replay battles with another set of characters and loadout to see who’s the best combination. It’s one of the better SRPG’s to release this year and on the 3DS I’d say it’s probably the best newcomer in the genre for the portable system! So pick up your 3DS and gather the witches in this timeless adventure of good vs evil!

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Spenok2121d ago

Stella Grow huh? When did the name get an official change from Stella Glow?

(Hint, the proper title is even in the thumbnail pic.)