75 million PS3s predicted sold by 2010

New Year 2007 for PlayStation 3 begins with a new report from Ireland based Business analyst firm Research and Markets which claims PS3 will maintain the largest market share by 2010; albeit with a slimmer margin than in previous generations.

The firm believes that the PlayStation 3 will ultimately maintain the largest market share, with 75 million PS3s sold worldwide by 2010.

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PS360PCROCKS5249d ago

Oh god here we go again, yes yes Sony will sell 25 million Ps3's a year, that's such a farfetched number it's not even funny, how about 40 million. It's not that the PS3 wont sell alot, but 25 million a year is utterly un heard of

MicroGamer5249d ago

It took 6 years for PS2 to reach 110 million and the competition wasn't as strong in that generation. Dreamcast was already dead through most of those years, XBox was still an experiment and Gamecube was a games only console that really couldn't compete with PS2 on a feature for feature basis. So you have PS2 selling 18-19 million a year over 6 years. To say that PS3 will exceed that with the increased strength of the competition and all the rest of the negativity surrounding Sony these days is ridiculous.

Scrumptious5249d ago

Thi is totally wrong! If you double the price of the console, you double the sales! That means around 200 million units...easily.

That's what Ken K. told me!

Antan5249d ago

ill be suprised if they hit this figure! 40/45 maybe, but it all depends on the games and at this moment in time its not possible. The PS3 needs a dozen belters next year or it will be very dificult to achieve the 75M figure.

The great 15248d ago

Xbox 360 doesn't have a dozen belters of exclusive games out so it shouldn't be hard!

super bill5248d ago

yeah and the ps3 is a joke sony is a joke and their games are a joke the 360 is getting better reviews sony are loseing thre exclusives and coming over to the better console the 360 long live microsoft and stuff the sony crap.

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