Face-Off: Nintendo 3DS vs New 3DS - Just how much faster is the later model?

Digital Foundry:
This Wii U port only exercises one key element of the 3DS spec bump - the processor upgrade. In terms of the graphical make-up of the game, nothing has changed, but in terms of the gameplay... well, that's a whole different story. New 3DS is something of a game-changer, offering up a 50 per cent overall improvement to performance. Running Hyrule Warriors on an old 3DS, gameplay sticks at the 20fps level throughout, sometimes dipping beneath and occasionally hitting 30fps.

By contrast, New 3DS offers up something approaching a locked 30fps throughout the experience. In fact, it even runs more smoothly than the original Nintendo Wii U version, which often struggles to maintain its 30fps cap - a remarkable state of affairs for a game based on the Dynasty Warriors engine, originally designed to operate at 60fps.

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Eidolon1594d ago

Much faster apparently. I want to get one at some point.

freshslicepizza1594d ago

the new 3ds processor allows for better performance. this is why there is excitement in console gaming rumors of faster upgrades as well.

Eidolon1594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

I don't see consoles getting upgraded, I just don't, Nintendo publishes most of the games for 3DS, there's some sort of parity. PS4/Xnox one games are all over the place.

ps. the one thing I did not like about the 3DS is the stick analog stick, it just felt insensitive and like deadzone was huge, did they fix that in the New 3DS, or did I try a dud?

Bimkoblerutso1594d ago

Maybe I'm missing something, but didn't we know it was faster like...a year ago? This is kind of a delayed comparison.

3-4-51593d ago (Edited 1593d ago )

It's already been tested when released and it's about 50% faster.

higgins781594d ago

Harder, faster, stronger. The stable 3D via head tracking is a massive strength.

MasterCornholio1594d ago

I own a New 3DS and I highly recommend it. However the 2DS (which I also own) is fantastic for those on a budget.

superchiller1594d ago

The "New 3DS" (terrible name) is a complete scam. Its sole purpose was to force diehard Nintendo fans to re-buy the system. If Nintendo really cared about their customers, they would have included the faster processor and better 3D effect in the 3DS when it first released. It certainly wouldn't have cost them much more to do that but in typical Nintendo fashion, they kept the specs at a bare minimum, to maximize profits and minimize costs. The original 3DS even had a tiny screen, so they released the XL model to (again) make fans buy yet another model. What a joke.

Sales of the 3DS were tanking, so they released the "New 3DS" to force their loyal fans to re-buy the system. Huge ripoff, and a shameful way to do business.

vanity291594d ago

Nobody was forced. If the fans wanted it, they bought it by their own judgement.

superchiller1594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

If the "fans" bought an original 3DS, with it's tiny, poor quality screen, slow processor, lack of 2nd analog stick, wobbly hinges, washed out screen, small amount of RAM, and poor 3D effect, they got burned. The 3DS XL came out later, and resolved a few of those issues.

So when the 3DS XL came out, they had to re-buy the system, to get a bigger screen. Still a poor quality (non-IPS) screen, and much more pixelated due to the larger size/same resolution. Still no 2nd analog nub, and still the same slow processor and other issues.

Then the "New 3DS" came out, and fans once again had to re-buy the system to get the improvements. Better quality screen, better 3D effect, 2nd analog stick, better processor, more system RAM, and more VRAM. Those were good improvements, but let's be honest, they all should have been there on Day One. There is no excuse for the poor quality and specs of the original 3DS, Nintendo should have released a better handheld in the beginning, instead of constantly releasing improved models to increase sales. Total scam.

higgins781594d ago

Agreed. LOL at "forced". I bought the 1st edition 3DS at launch, traded it less than a year later. I just couldn't get on with the 3D and/or games available at the time - the majority of them. I bought the New 3DS at launch. The 3D has been solid and games I've bought since ALL been great - I'm amassing quite the library. All my CHOICE.

Same could be said regarding my purchase of a PS4, again at launch. The games were very, very poor for a while barring the 3rd party multi-platform fodder. The price also dropped dramatically. This is the life of an early adopter of hardware - generally. All our CHOICE.

As it stands today I have a Wii U and New 3DS with a large and varied library of games for each - both a big success in my house. My PS4 is mostly used as a catch-up/Blu Ray player, of that it's great. Also half a dozen great games, half of them (sadly) last gen ports.

Majin-vegeta1594d ago

Dont forget.It didnt even come with a charger.

marloc_x1594d ago

My collection of phone chargers is legendary..

MasterCornholio1594d ago


You can't charge the 3DS like a cellphone unless you buy a special USB-3DS cable like I did.

Trust be its much better to have that cable than a clunky 3DS charger.

Rebel_Scum1594d ago

Sounds to me like you're one of the early adopters of the 3ds.

marloc_x1594d ago

Will the rumored PS4.5 be a rip-off too schiller?

MRMagoo1231594d ago

yes ....... if Sony are stupid enough to do it but I'm thinking MS would be the one to do it cos that's the kinda company they are.

jholden32491594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

Dude, get over it.

That's how it is with handhelds. Hardware releases, and they iterate every few years. They did it with GBA, they did it with DS, and now they did it with 3DS. Even Sony did it with PSP and Vita.

I bought the original model and while it can't compare to the new 3DS or even the XL, it was a fantastic handheld that offered dozens of excellent games and was one of the best purchases I've ever made in my life.

Nobody forced me to upgrade to the newer models, but I chose to because of the benefits they brought to the table.

The only thing that's a scam here is your one-sided comment.

RosweeSon1594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

Yeah because they have the time machine that can make them put tech in their consoles from 3 years in the future.. Great Scott!

superchiller1594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

The technology inside the original 3DS was very mediocre at launch. You don't think that Nintendo could have included these features at that time?:

256mb system RAM (instead of 128mb at launch)
10mb VRAM (instead of 6mb at launch)
266mhz CPU (instead of 133mhz at launch)
4.88" upper screen (instead of 3.53" at launch)

None of the above enhancements would have cost Nintendo that much to include. They cheaped out to minimize their costs and keep their fat profit margins up.

I'll give you that they probably couldn't include the face tracking 3D feature, but that's really an indication that the 3DS technology really wasn't ready for prime time, at launch.

Stealth20k1594d ago

You are sounding more and more insane. Better 3D, better battery, better power is a scam now?

Is the PS4.5 a scam? Was the PSP 3000 a scam? How about the PS2 slim? Was that a scam?

3-4-51593d ago (Edited 1593d ago )

@doucherchill-New 3DS has whiter screen with truer colors, faster processor by %50, added nub for fps type games, downloads and loads stuff faster, and bigger screen. It is the complete package.

Stop lying to yourself and others.

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Marugo1594d ago

Ill just wait for another new 3ds, 60fps for a handheld gaming?

Eidolon1594d ago

They'll call it "All New 3DS"

RosweeSon1594d ago

I just can't wait until they go 4D!!

viperman2401594d ago

I'm not hating here, I'm being realistic here.

I'm wondering why is it ok for Nintendo to make a better 3Ds model that is faster, makes games looks better and make exclusive games for the new model. Yet when Sony thinks about doing something similar everyone is getting all up in arms about it.

I know the only difference is that this is a handle and the PS4 is a console but the same thing still applies, its fracturing the fan base.

Hell Nintendo has been doing this kind of thing since the Game Boy Pocket days by releasing newer better versions of their handhelds.

Sorry if this was a bit off topic.

jholden32491594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

Well, in truth it's the fanbase who's responsible for going all haywire over stuff all the time. And make no mistake- the Nintendo fanbase is always bitching and moaning about one thing or another. I do recall quite a bit of complaining with the New 3DS actually.

But you'll have to ask Sony fans why they're so up in arms. Me, I'm a Nintendo/Sony/MS fan and I don't really care. I don't think I'm going to buy one but I'm certainly not upset about it. I did buy the new 3DS though because it was a lot cheaper than buying a new home console (like PS4.5) and the stable 3D was a huge asset, not to mention playing Xenoblade which couldn't run on the older hardware.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

handheld easier to develop than home consoles. SIMPLE

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