Rare Reveals the Making of Kameo: Elements of Power

Twinfinite writes, "Of course, one might wonder, 'how what Kameo: Elements of Power made?' Wonder no further, as Rare has released a new video featuring the making of the launch title. Designer Chris Allcock, software engineer Nick Burton, and lead artist Mark Stevenson let us in on the inner-workings of Kameo and all the efforts it took to make it as impressive a game as it was at the time."

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Angainor72625d ago

Please make Kameo 2.. please

christocolus2625d ago

Agreed. Kameo is such a brilliant game.we definitely need a sequel

PeaSFor2624d ago (Edited 2624d ago )

my first 360 game, had an awesome jolly time with it.

i wouldnt say no to Kameo 2.

Sciurus_vulgaris2625d ago

The video in Rare Revealed showed some rather interesting concepts for the second game. The story of the series could be very interesting where it expanded upon. The elves weren't as good as they appeared to be.

Darkfist2625d ago

is there a point of showing this, when there wont bother with a sequel.

Perjoss2624d ago

I like hearing developers talk about their work. The fact that they are talking about it hints at a new game in the franchise.

Fin_The_Human2595d ago

MS has a Zelda here but not using it .