This Video Shows The Incredible Evolution of Gaming From 1957-2015

Experience decades worth of the best gaming experiences ever... in just a few minutes.

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razorpakk2251d ago


Weird choice of games, Bethesda stuff (besides Morrowind) doesn't really showcase much in terms of evolution. It would be nice to see a good video on this topic, I bet there are some out there o.o

SpinalRemains1382251d ago

Great point. How the heck do you forget to show off Surgeon Simulator? Smh

Reefskye2250d ago
Ahoy does some good ones, he has 1 about DOOM and how the cold war shaped videos games.

kingjosh18762251d ago

This video lacks any real focus. It would have been much better to show progress in visuals or a single genre/franchise.

Whymii2250d ago

I agree. Having recently run emulations of old 8 bit games like Elite and mercenary highlighted how crap those games look today, yet back then they looked so real. Even more recent games like xwing v tie fighter and colony wars haven't aged too well either. Mind you, it looks like No Man's Sky will finally recreate the near 30 year old Starglider 2 experience of flying from planet to planet and down to their surface and even below without a load. Hopefully there's a whale in it too.