The Inside Story Of Recording Metal Gear Solid

The first Metal Gear Solid on the original PlayStation was a turning point in the game industry. In 1998, Hideo Kojima and his team at Konami delivered a game widely praised as one of the most cinematic, interactive experiences in gaming. A large part of the game's positive reception hinged on some of the most memorable voice-work in the industry. On this special edition of The Game Informer Show, we take a deep dive into the history and recording process of that first game.

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-Foxtrot941d ago

Don't worry David you honestly didn't miss much, just a forced story which didn't really add much to the franchise.

"They made me re-audition to play Old Snake, and the whole time, they were trying to find somebody else to do it. I heard that Kojima asked one of the producers on Metal Gear 3 to ask Kurt Russell if he would take over for that game. He didn’t want to do it"

Jesus man. Say what you want but Kojima sounds like a douche here. Kurt Russel...I mean it seems he's too bothered about finding a link to Hollywood. Kurt Russell, then Kiefer Sutherland.

naruga940d ago (Edited 940d ago )

Sutherland destroyed completely the character of Snake, thats a fact (and i agree^^ that considering the lame quality of MGS5 Hayter didnt missed smthing important) .Hayter in MGS1-2-3 was perfect and imo none could have performed better the complicated voice/character of Snake (experienced,tough but also with a lot of humor in its tone) ...but in MGS 4 i agree with Kojima ..Hayter should have been replaced as he was acting over the top in order to present an Old Snake, creating a lot of cringe moments, not fitting to the general atmosphere of the game..but again in comparison with Sutherland abysmal acting, Hayter s performance even in 4 was stellar

SolidStoner940d ago

Im sad that so many people miss on this game..

no one who played MGS cant complain on the story or gameplay.. even MGS5 was damn good game, the story itself was bit letdown, but those added tapes and side stories added alot of immersion and information.. if you like MGS stories, want to know more or just want to understand philosophy of the human nature listen to those audio tapes, it takes days!! so many hidden parts in that game.. cant wait to see next Kojima project!

sdcard4gb940d ago

Sutherland didn't destroy anything... Because there isn't much to destroy - the guy has maybe 15 lines total in the whole game.
Now, the one who actually destroyed something was Troy Baker who presumably voice-acted Ocelot: the problem with him being that you cannot feel THE Ocelot behind his dialogue... There is no oddball shit like meowing to summon his troops or talking non-stop about how much he loves his SSA Colt, nothing like that !!! Now THAT'S a destroyed character !

Fez940d ago

I think the writing has more to do with it than the voice actors respective performances. Ocelot was definitely not himself, but that is down to the director and writing. If that is not how they wanted the character they should have had the voice actor portray it as they wanted. It's not like Troy Baker or Keifer Sutherland are bad actors/voice actors...

It seems like Kojima did not like the performance of Hayter which is very surprising to me because imo he is just as important to the success of the series as the gameplay, graphics and boss battles were. Even if Hayter had been in MGSV though, it would not have done much to make up for the shoddy storytelling and dialogue.

hay940d ago (Edited 940d ago )

I find it surprising to say but MGS5 and it's cast were forgettable. Story progress was the same as in Peacewalker and similarity of storyline among those two was mindboggling. For example, they just shoved one child to the backgorund(Paz) and put another in it's place(Elijah) and given them similar influence on the story.
The game had literally no effect on the universe. Carried almost no themes from the previous parts(except being a screenplay copy of PW), and carries none to the future of the series.


It kind of looks like Kojima was meant to leave, made the real Big Boss "doing that other thingy" and slapped some impostor in his place to say: "this is not the real thing. imma gonna git gud and maek a bettur gurm meself. not a game dev studio, a nation. imma transcendent nao."


Hayter dodged the bullet here, since most of what I remember of Venom Snake is sounds he made, not the actual words he spoke, most of the dialogs were rubbish. David should play the game "for teh lulz" to see how the series have fallen in a pursuit of "moar salez" and do as every MGS fan, stick to the original games.

inveni0940d ago

60 hours of humiliation? This guy is nobody without Snake. He's just bitter that he lost the role, that's all. Without the MGS franchise, he's just another voice actor from one of a thousand games. In this business, your face and your name are virtually meaningless. Even Troy Baker and Nolan North stand to lose their roles if they start to feel entitled to have the roles in the first place. Uncharted can move to a new hero, and many gamers would welcome it. The Last of Us is already prime to follow different characters. That's the nature of the business. A good professional shouldn't get so bitter. These sorts of comments will only hurt his ability to get new work.

Gatsu940d ago (Edited 940d ago )

Kiefer didn't destroy it lol. The reason people are pissed is just because Snake wasn't given much lines in MGSV. Kiefer did awesome job imo, but he needed more VA lines. Venom would most likely be as silent with David.

Dir_en_grey940d ago (Edited 940d ago )

So if you haven't played the game by now you probably never will, so here it goes. The main character is a complete different person you idiot. Why would a different person sound the same? Even in the story Snake went through a fire and a coma of years not using his vocal cords. A voice change is totally logical. Oh and did I mention, IT'S A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT PERSON?

Can't blame Kojima that Hayter has no acting range, and basically just sounds like he's on the crapper all the time. Knowing Japanese and played both US and Japanese versions of the games, there are so many lines that should have been comedic gets completely messed up by Hayter because he tries to sound cool all the time.

rainslacker940d ago

Sutherland did fine for what lines he had. The scenes where he actually acted were pretty well done. There was a lot of subtlety to his line delivery. Unfortunately, the lines he was given were sparse, and outside a couple scenes hardly worth Snake being there in the first place. Some of his acting on the tapes was pretty good though.

I doubt Hayter would have done any better, and while I think Hayter is certainly a capable and talented actor, Sutherland is still in a very different league.

People got used to Hayter in the role, and it's always difficult to adjust for someone new. I understand this, but to say Sutherland completely destroyed the character is giving him credit for Kojima's failure in this instance in making a compelling character.

I don't think Sutherland was overly enthusiastic while performing the role, but he still did as good a job as Hayter would have, and do you really think Hayter could do much more than Sutherland did given what script was provided? You even state that he couldn't handle Old Snake well enough, how would he handle a character that isn't actually Snake, but rather a doppelganger who has his own personality? As far as atmosphere, I think Sutherland performed the role the way one would expect given that the atmosphere was not really that MGS like to begin with, but rather that of a fledgling military organization with a brooding legendary commander.

naruga940d ago (Edited 939d ago )

@ rainslacker ..Big Boss and his Avatar were voiced BY THE SAME ACTOR ..have you played the game guys?? ..yes dopleganger was a different person but Sutherland also did without ANY change the voice of Big MGS5 Big boss = Sutherland that what Kojima wanted and it was a terrible mistake end of story...

Dir_en_grey939d ago

Taking everything in the final reveal scene literally would be such a juvenile response. Read some books or watch some movies please.
It was every much filled with surreal elements of sounds and images representing that fact. Kojima is not an idiot so of course he is going to use elements to back that up.

Now on to Hayter. If that big mouth didn't throw a hissy fit when he didn't get called for a job that he feels he's automatically entitled to (when he's not) from the very beginning, Kojima might have called him back.
But who would hire back somebody who have no professional integrity and just runs his mouth whenever he feels like throwing a hissy fit?

Hayter is immature and short sighted like the hissy fit PM you sent me, and ultimately caused himself to lose his job even if he was considered to be called back.

rainslacker939d ago

Yes, I've played the game. Just got the platinum this past week in fact. One of my most played games this generation in fact.

Him doing the voice for both destroyed the character how? If Hayter had done the voice for both, would he have saved the character somehow?

I wasn't talking about if it was right he voiced both, rather that Sutherland didn't destroy the character of Big Boss at all.

No changes at all? Vemom Snake was more like what I'd expect Snake(or BB) to sound like. The actual BB sounded more urgent and nothing like I'd expect BB to sound like, because he's always been kind of this brooding character. The tape at the end is the only place where he portrayed the real BB as more like I'd expect him to be.

It's not the voice itself, it's how that voice is used. BB in the hospital sounded like a guy in an urgent situation who wasn't calm and patient. The fake BB was stoic and commander like.

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sweendog940d ago

Kurt rusell did play snake plissken in escape from New York. I always thought mgs snake was based on him. It's an uncanny resemblance

Goldby940d ago

it was, and kojima was almost sued in the beginning, but Kohn Carpenter said no to it as "Kojima seems like a nice guy"

sweendog940d ago

@Goadby. I didn't know that thanks for the info. I was a big escape from New York fan as a kid so when mgs came out I just assumed it was a homage to kurts snake. Had no idea it almost ended up in court, kojima would have lost he even talked like kurts snake

SnotyTheRocket940d ago

Damn, you are so negative dude. Maybe the story wasn't great, but the gameplay was on point (here comes the "it's repetitive" argument).

Fez940d ago

Well it was repetitive... Surely you pointing this out shows that you agree on some level or you understand why others would have found it repetitive?

I make a distinction between the game mechanics and the overall gameplay. The mechanics were great, what they had you do with these mechanics was repetitive, disjointed and lacked depth.

Not good enough for my once favourite series. The only redemption from my perspective is how it ties together the events of the series and the idea that "The Phantom Pain" is the feeling Kojima has left in fans who played through a game targeted at the casual and grindfest gamers rather than fans of the previous games. The last Kojima MGS game did not fulfill many, most likely the majority, of the series fans. That is the Phantom Pain that will linger on...

I know, very dramatic... but that is the only way I can reconcile the game we got rather than the game we could have got. It was all part of an elaborate plan by master troll Kojima. Well played.

-Foxtrot940d ago

Oh shush...anytime any one criticises something to you they are negative

It was negative how is it negative to speak the truth

Fez940d ago

Did people honestly think this game wasn't repetitive? How can you reconcile this with the fact that chapter 2 literally repeats the same missions? (Incidentally proving that these missions were totally irrelevant to the story) Or that side objectives have about 6 different variations, each numbered 1-6... does anyone *honestly* think this is good game design and want more of this in their games!?

When I look about at the 60+ hours I spent on the game, only a few hours were actually fun. The rest was a chore. An open world chore. Not for me. PW was a little repetitive too, but at least the boss battles, story and travel time between missions (0 minutes) were far, far better.

nowitzki2004940d ago

I felt like I was strangling the same guy in the same place over and over again.. While getting the same replies. It was way too repetitive.

rainslacker940d ago (Edited 940d ago )

It was repetative. I ended up platting this game this past week. Probably played it more than any other game this gen so far.

What made me die a bit inside is that the screen shot for my platinum trophy is the after mission screen, with a gerbil prominently displayed in the center.

That gerbil was indicative of the rather inane content that existed within the game. Most of the missions, and even the extra mission tasks were pretty engaging throughout the game, and I enjoyed completing all the tasks and getting S ranks(which is rare in games like these). But the side missions while OK at first get very boring after having to extract the 10th enemy specialist, or destroy the 15th armored vehicle unit. Unfortunately, more than half the non-recycled missions had no real direct connection to the plot, and offered nothing or practically nothing to the story progression. It didn't even round out the universe that much, because all that auxiliary stuff where you could learn more was beaten to death by Ocelot or Miller already in the tapes or cut scenes.

It was a waste of the great game play, because in most of that extra content, you didn't really have to do much to take advantage of what made it so great.

What I've learned most from MGSV is that Ocelot seems to have way too much love for live gerbils.

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UnHoly_One940d ago (Edited 940d ago )

Kojima is awful. I don't get the love for that guy.

nowitzki2004939d ago

I wouldnt say he is awful the man pretty much reinvented the way we play stealth games, but he isnt as great as most people think. Like some people were saying "Konami is done when he leaves".... BS!! I knew Konami long before I knew Kojima.. and most Konami games I play have nothing top do with Kojima.

shloobmm3940d ago

Only person who is at fault is Kojima. He turned the characters into what they are and made the game what it was. Stop blaming everyone else and blame the man who in peoples eyes can seemingly do no wrong.

alvgamin4lif940d ago

Imo mgsV was a flawed masterpiece. The ideas were there but the execution wasn't upto the standard a mgs fan expects from the series (no I'm not talking about the gameplay since the gameplay is and the mechanics are freaking amazing).

DarXyde940d ago

I'd completely understand Hayter if we were talking about a sequel to MGS2 where his age was closer to the MGS1/MGS2 era Snake, but having to audition for Old Snake or Big Boss are totally fair if you ask me.

To be fair, the games weren't supposed to be as numerous as they were, meaning there was a time when Hayter would have been the only voice. Certainly, he could have reprised the role, but I also believe he never should have been Big Boss to begin with.

Eamon940d ago

A lot of people miss that the japanese voice actor is the same for Solid Snake and Big Boss. Even in MGS5.

So whether or not you feel he shouldn't have been Big Boss is irrelevant because Kojima had always intended the two characters to have the same voice.

DarXyde940d ago

You're right about that, however I believe even that was a mistake, though not as big of one. Why? Because Kojima had always cared far more about the English voice acting. He said as much before. It's entirely possible they felt Hayter was losing his touch. After Peace Walker, I'd agree. Or maybe Hayter had something going on that rubbed the team the wrong way where he was unreliable at times.

What I'm saying is this, like the problem with Konami, has more questions than answers. Nobody was given insight on any of it. Heck, I didn't frown upon Konami too much until they basically banned Kojima from the awards. We've been given very limited insight on Kojima's problems and also on Hayter's.

We're unlikely to ever fully understand, but I still say Big Boss should never have been played by David.

DivineAssault 940d ago

To be fair, big boss is a different character so a different voice might've worked.. It was to late by MGSV but maybe that was his vision.. Its not like liquid sounded like venom or anything.. All the clones couldve had different voices.. Snake didnt have that many lines of dialog in 5 like before anyway.. It wasnt a bad game to me but i agree that the loyalty being broken kinda sucks..

rainslacker940d ago

I'd agree, except for the hospital scenes, where it's pretty obvious from the start who the guy helping you is based on the voice alone. Sutherland has a pretty recognizable voice after all. I think the twist was kind of ruined because of this, so it wouldn't have been too much to put Hayter in there for that part, and just let them all continue to troll which is typical for a Kojima game anyways.

Of course, the twist kind of makes the deleted chapter 51 ending well as most of Snake's interactions with Eli to begin with.

I dunno though, in the end, given how at odds Miller and Ocelot were with one another throughout the game, and Miller's own interactions with snake, it does seem odd that they would continue on with the charade for so long, even if the real BB ordered it.

cleft5940d ago

Yeah Kojima sounds like a royal ass that got what was coming to him with the whole Konami debacle. I think if we all had more information about why Konami got rid of him, there wouldnt be so many folks thinking he is oh so great. Konami gave him a taste of his own medicine and I am glad Hayter moved on.

-Foxtrot940d ago

See I'm thinking the same

Konami are arseholes but it goes both ways, I don't see why people are just seeing it from Kojimas side what if Kojima was really using too much money for how much time he had. A lot of money went into that game and if some other developers had that their games would be better and less repetitive.

$80 million was spent on MGSV

306 million polish zloty which is $81 million was spent on the Witcher 3

Which one is better...we know the answer.

Majister-Ludi939d ago

Sounds like a serious dick move from everyone's game God. People loved Davids voice so why change it. Nothing threw me off more than the voice of fucking jack bauer coming out of snake. Seriously why do that.

Muzikguy939d ago

I liked MGSV. I mean I had to, I put over 300 hours in! Yeah the story was awkward, but the gameplay was awesome! It's one of my favorites this gen

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2pacalypsenow941d ago

The medic had like 10 lines of voice anyways not counting the tapes.

LOL_WUT940d ago

Even Skullface had more dialogue than Snake ;)

2pacalypsenow939d ago

Even quiet had more dialogue

scark92941d ago

David IS the voice of Solid Snake and Big Boss no doubt

spartanlemur940d ago


They replaced David Hayter with silence for most of the game.

tamd940d ago

Spoiler Alert for those who haven't played it.

You were not even big boss, just his clone. David Hayter doesn't fit anywhere.

Fez940d ago (Edited 940d ago )

Big Boss is in the game though, it would have made a lot more sense to have two different voice actors for two different people.

Hayter should have been used in the reveal, I think he may have understood why the story would have been that way and therefore been okay with only playing a small role at the end. I think the reveal would have been far more enjoyable had it been Hayter. I would have looked back at the entire game more favourably if that was the case, that's for sure. I still had my fingers cross Hayter would be in the game (maybe as Solid) before I played it. As it turns out, it was absolutely feasible for him to be in the game as is but the opportunity was totally missed.

I3loggs24940d ago

Definitely should have used Hayter in the reveal episode, which i believe was Ep46... missed opportunity, and I think the fans would have appreciated the 'twist' a lot more, despite the weak narrative in general.

Mikefizzled940d ago

Hayter would have refused out of spite cause of how little Konami offered him.

Eamon940d ago

Ironically your spoiler is incorrect.

Nivekki940d ago (Edited 940d ago )

Spoiler Alert - MGS5 is a boring mess of a game. And crap when compared to the others in the series.

If you haven't played it yet, be prepared to do the same thing, over and over, and over and over, and over and over...

cleft5940d ago

He isn't his clone by the way. And they used the same Japanese voice actor for Venom Snake as Snake in all the previous games.

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