Will we ever have a good Superman game?

Joe from GamersFTW writes: So Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is out today, which sees 2 of the most titanic names in the superhero genre go head to head- that part of the title, the Batman V Superman part is clear enough. Then I suppose justice will dawn on them at some point? Talk about an unnecessary subtitle; you have everyone at Batman V Superman, guys! Everyone is stoked to see Superman, the strongest man in the universe and the bastion of virtue, fight Batman: a rich orphan in a bat suit who likes to brood and speak in a voice so gravely it sounds like he’s gargling rocks.

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Angainor73038d ago

only if rocksteady is on the frontline

jb2273038d ago

Pretty sure they are working on a JL game as we speak, Superman included...the writing was literally on the wall all over Arkham Knight. Rocksteady doing JL for a year or two down the line, WB Montreal doing a Suicide Squad game for holiday 2016 or spring 2017, that's what I see happening.

chrisx3038d ago

By PS5 gen maybe the tech could handle it

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WilliamSheridan3038d ago

I think Man of Steel was a good movie. I thought it took place in the Nolan/Bale universe, but since it takes place in a new unseen Batman universe where Batman is essentially Iron Man, I no longer wish to see it....

masso91123038d ago

What are you even talking about??? O.ó

Niceman913038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

I assume you're talking about Batman v Superman?
It's a good, watchable film and Batman is nothing like Iron Man. For a while he wears an armoured suit as opposed to his costume for a good reason. However, it felt as though DC crammed as much as they could into one film to catch-up to Marvel. Man of Steel gave Superman his exposure and I think Ben Affleck's Batman should have had his own film prior to this because their clash was a messy one as a result.

Allsystemgamer3037d ago

He also needed a film to establish why batman is a cold blooded killer because it comes out of nowhere in BVS. We see glimpses hinting at why but if you're going to fundamentally change a well established character there needs to be a damn good reason.

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