Final Fantasy XV's Graphics Are Boosted By Umbra Technology

Umbra has revealed they will be bringing their expertise to help boost the graphics for Final Fantasy XV.

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Overload935d ago

It's actually referring to the frame rate. Here is the press release from Umbra directly.

XtraTrstrL935d ago

I remember looking up Umbra around the launch window of PS4. When they were showing all the middlewares that were working on next gen console versions of their tools. I thought it looked really cool, even though occlusion culling is something that other engines have done forever, it does it using much less resources in general and focuses on doing it to an extreme level and using a better algorithm than most, allowing for much larger and fuller open world areas with great performance. I feel more games should be using it really.

trywizardo935d ago

this is the real game development, improving the game graphics,animations,power balance make the FPS more and stable then announce the release date
not downgrades , animation in the real game is sluggish compared to the demo or trailer and the FPS won't get fixed until months of the game release ....
oh and they made the game story (alone) 50+H instead of 40+H not made it lower and release the rest in DLCs ...

Vhampir935d ago

This is called paying for an SDK to save time, so you don't have to optimize code yourself.

Bring that hype down a bit, so you can make sense.

Adrian_v01934d ago

^ and this is called butthurt.

sdcard4gb935d ago

Yeah-yeah-yeah, whatever - release the goddamn game already, please ?

Kenshin_BATT0USAI935d ago

You know some of us are actually interested in technology?