Oculus Rift Units Are Shipping Out To Backers And Pre-Order Customers

Palmer Luckey and other employees of Oculus VR have confirmed that they are now shipping out Oculus Rifts to backers and customers who put in pre-orders.

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starchild935d ago (Edited 935d ago )

Early days yet. High quality VR is pretty expensive no matter which way you go, but prices will come down with time.

When I look at the different VR options I have I see:

PSVR = $460

Oculus Rift = $600

HTC Vive = $800

So there's a decent amount separating them, but not a huge amount. And I also realized that a lot of the difference in cost is really down to each option having progressively more included.

In other words, the Rift costs me $140 more, but it includes 2 games, a new controller and higher specs. The Vive is another $200 more but it is also ready for full room scale VR and includes three games and two motion controllers.

In other words, you're paying more to get more in each case.

parentoftheyear935d ago

Also, If you put PSVR at $500, you get the two motion controllers, a camera, and several games. I would Love to have the best of the best, but I, Like most console gamers are budget gamers, and VR is fairly new. I don't mind buying the cheaper version for now. If it is something uBER amazing that I think I would benefit spending 2k on an all out setup, then so be it. For now tho, I will be very happy with my PSVR choice.

Ipunchbabiesforfun935d ago

I pre-ordered PSVR but I am torn on truly purchasing VR the next Kinect, move, motion controller, 3D fad? I hope not because I don't want to spend $500 on a useless POS.

PizzaSteve935d ago

It is trust me. You will probably like VR at 1st but then get tired of it and wish you never bought it. I could be wrong but anyway good luck.

mr-phillips935d ago

The big difference I see with VR and motion controls is that VR already has a multi platform culture EVE Valkyrie , ADRift Project cars I believe and early developer support seems strong so sounds like a good call so far.

PizzaSteve935d ago (Edited 935d ago )

I don't see how Sony is gonna make a profit from VR. They say they will but it looks more expensive than $400. I think they taking a lost but not much.

They betting on software to push it and PS4.

Norad6935d ago (Edited 935d ago )

Shuhei Yoshida was quoted saying in an interview with KindaFunny that they are selling the PSVR at a profit. Reason being they manufacture all the expensive components themselves (not outsourcing like oculus).