Remake This! Parasite Eve

Jerry Dobracki from BagoGames writes: After I had completed the first two Resident Evil games on the original PlayStation, I was hungry for more survival horror type games. There really weren’t that many out there at the time, or if I saw one it may not have piqued my interested at eighteen. Back then there were only magazines and television commercials to let you know what games were being released. I do remember seeing the Parasite Eve ad on television and I could not wait to get that game. The cut scenes looked amazing, the atmosphere looked right up my alley, and it looked like it didn’t have full turn based combat. I wound up getting the game and have beaten it in on several occasions, this could be one of those games I go back to once a year if I had the time, and boy do I wish I had the time.

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Thatguy-310940d ago

Remaking or even rebooting would be amazing. The atmosphere would be sick!

ThunderPulse940d ago

Too bad companies don't listen to much of what we say. This and Dino Crisis need a reboot.

naruga940d ago (Edited 940d ago )

Parasite eve 2 especially was one excellent game, AAA in all of his aspects with big production behind it ...shame that all that work wasnt recognized by many

Shinuz940d ago

Yes yes yes!!! That game is one of my all time favorite en psx!

Ashlen940d ago

I'd like that.

I got this game as a birthday gift. I hadn't even heard about it, but it became one of my absolute favorite PS1 games.

DragonDDark940d ago

Oh.. The memories.. How I miss this game :[

940d ago
Tdmd940d ago

Yes please! I've never got to play it, as I didn't own a ps1 at the time, and now its too outdated for me to enjoy it, but I've saw my friend playing it once and it looked amazing- not to mention different.
I'd be thrilled with a remake!

Pullmywaffle940d ago

This, definitely moreso than FF7 would be an excellent series to bring into the modern gaming scene.

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The story is too old to be commented.