IGN: GC 2008: More Resistance 2 Details Filter In

A new weapon and videos emerge from Leipzig.

One of the meetings I was most looking forward to here at this year's Germans Games Conventions was a private presentation on Insomniac's next big hit: Resistance 2. I was disappointed that the demo on the show floor was a very short affair we had seen several times before, so I was expecting this private demonstration to go beyond that and perhaps hint at some new information. Fortunately, that was the case as I was treated to a bunch of new tidbits by Ryan Schneider, Community Director at Insomniac Games.

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LarVanian4854d ago

Ummmmm where is the new video?

Overr8ed4854d ago

you mean the trailer, its somewhere around N4G as for the other one i have no idea.

Shaka2K64854d ago

Are you sure you werent playing the complete version of gears of war 1.5 ???
Hahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa .

smurfie44854d ago

Up to four times bigger than Resistance! Thats some big levels.

Vulcan Raven4854d ago

This game is going to be epic!!!! The battles are going to phenomenal, this is the most anticipated game for myself. This is a good year to own a ps3. I hope it exceeds my expectations.