Five Ways Pokemon Games Have Changed For The Worse Since Red & Blue

Before Pokemon Sun and Moon arrive this year, we revisit some of the more controversial changes that have been made over previous generations of the games.

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Captain_Wormy1953d ago

I personally hate the new 3D style and Mega Evolutions. Black/White 2 were the last decent ones.

-Foxtrot1953d ago

I'm with you.

Mega evolutions scream desperation and the 3D makes it feel less open/spacious

Instead of designing mega evolutions why don't they focus on creating better Pokemon designs in general

NotanotherReboot1952d ago

Agreed. Legendaries used to look cool. Now they look like Xmas tree decorations.

KimikoGaming1952d ago

I like the 3D style, and really like the character customization in X/Y. The biggest downfall of the newer games is how easy they are and the lack of post-game content.

3-4-51952d ago

It's only getting better, but I still prefer the 2D pixel art style.

I don't mind the 3D, but I wish they would still make a 2D one as well.

Double_O_Revan1952d ago

Exp Share is probably my least favorite. ORAS were my first Pokemon games in over 3 generations. There were times where some of my Pokemon would never see battle because they were leveling from Exp Share so quickly (mostly my starter). This also made it so that I was basically using the same Pokemon over and over. I liked the original version where it only worked on a single Pokemon.

Ickythump311952d ago

fun fact: you can disable xp share.......

Double_O_Revan1952d ago

I know you can. But since this was my first game in 3 generations, I wasn't entirely sure the negative effects doing so would have.

The Pokemon in battle got Boosted XP, while the others got shared XP. Didn't know if it was a bad thing to turn it off or if I would be losing out on XP.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1952d ago

The Boosted EXP is for Pokemon that wasn't caught in your file. So if it was traded to you or have a different Trainer ID then it will get boosted EXP.

lizard812881952d ago

Oddly enough, all of those listed items, I like. I like xp share the most. If anything, I wish I could tell it which pokemon to apply it to, since some pokemon were too high leveled and would one shot trainers, but still, I don't have to grind with each pokemon or my HM slave either, which is nice. IF anything, the things I don't like are:

Mega Evolutions. They seem cool, but they push some Pokemon to even more OP status.

HMs. I'd rather use items OR have it just like a TM, so I don't have to go to the move delete guy just to remove it. B/W was good with this, since most of the HM paths were just short cuts and weren't heavily used like they were in Gen 3 & 4.

Said evil team using the same weak ass pokemon. Its a bit annoying seeing a 3rd level staged pokemon fight 5 Rattatas

Rivals as friends. Get me an actual rival like Blue or Silver, not more like Tierno....who just wants to dance...what kind of rival is he?! Trevor I can excuse, since he just wants to fill out the pokedex, but Tierno....and dancing?!

Exclusive features per game. Stop. I want there to be a day and night cycle, have pokemon follow me around, customize my trainer, pokemon amie, contests, and a good Battle Frontier. Quit taking stuff away.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1952d ago

Healing Trainer - Really? So it a bad thing to have at least that one person to heal your Pokemon when there no Pokemon center nearby or when you need some healing quickly?

Enhanced EXP Share - Well....TURN IT shit

New Creature Overload - GOOOD!! I would stop playing Pokemon if only had the original 151 Pokemon or 252. New creatures bring new balancing and life to the series.

EXP on Pokemon Catch - NOT A DAMN BIG DEAL! You don't even get much. And Wynaut? You're Pokemon are obviously battling the Pokemon before catching it? So why don't they get EXP for their hard work of enduring the status effects or damage that being received.

Really...Shiny Pokemon really? It does nothing but give you a different color. HOW THE FUCK does it make it worst?