Why An Upgraded PS4 and Xbox One Won’t Be Failures

There's a lot of buzz on whether or not upgraded consoles is a good idea. Dave's here to explain why they won't fail.

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Commando_Bro2501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )

The Ram Expansion Pack, the best console upgrade ever made, for a handful of games that took advantage of it.

It's much different from those days. It would be better.
Adding more power would give better frame rate and resolution all around.

From what I've heard from other gamers. The big complaint comes from those that already own a PS4 and Xbox One don't want to be outdated and abandoned, don't want to compete online with someone on a superior machine rather than a fair platform. Skills vs $$ Power Machine. Those 2 concerns comes a lot.

Me, an option for more power is always great especially for single player campaign.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen2501d ago

This idea is one of the worst since the introduction of those cheesy light guns. It has been done before and it failed because everyone knows that a new console will eventually be released. It's a stupid idea created in the minds of fanboys who have hardware envy. Let it go.

Khaotic2501d ago

Says the people that buy new phones every year.

ShottyatLaw2501d ago

Wait, what's wrong with light guns?

Xb1ps42501d ago

Well... You failed on why it failed...

It was and is a great idea by the way...

VTKC2500d ago

Whoa whoa whoa wait a minute whats wrong with light gun games? Time Crisis 2 and 3 was great fun on the PS2. There was that Vampire one too. Ninja Assault as well ok its weird to have guns back then but it was still fun to play. House of the Dead series was great too. The recent one on previous generation was very different and i felt it was not that great like the others.

I miss light gun games. I wish they bring them back but ever since the tv technology changed from CRT to LED/Plasma, no one seems to be bothered to develope these games anymore. Ok there was Resident Evil Chronicles 1&2, House of the Dead Overkill and 4 and Deadspace Extraction. But man i wish there was more.

This gen i have only come across one similar game called Blue Estate , but you dont get to use PS Move as a gun. :( just the controller.

nitus102500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

For a console to be upgradeable then it must be designed to be be upgradeable. Sure it is possible to de-solder the old and resolder the new however this is not a job easily done with a 25W soldering iron brought from your local hardware store.


Sigh! I read this all the time.

Comparing mobile phones to consoles is rather stupid. Have you ever costed a mobile phone such as an iPhone 6 or a Samsung Galaxy 4, 5, 6?

Basically mobile phones are effectively a throw away item if you are on a plan or don't mind buying a new one every year. They are not upgradable unless you count changing the memory card an upgrade.

Sure it is possible that you could have the concept of throw away consoles however I doubt this would sit well with customers.

WilliamSheridan2500d ago

@nitus10 cell phones are throwaway? Even with a two year plan, the galaxy note 5 cost $350. I paid over $800 for mine. I but the newest model every year, offset by selling the previous one for 60% or so. Although you may buy cheap phones and can't afford annual consoles, I definitely can as well as many others. Honestly I think we are talking 3 year console lifespans, which would be perfect...

AHall882500d ago


3 year console span? Are you nuts?
That would be the end of consoles.

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shadowraiserx2501d ago

An expansion pack is different to try to sell us a ps4.5 or xbox 1.5, the expansion pack was already design to be part of the N64.I supported the ps4 day 1 that would be a waste of money for those that are buying the current ps4 in this month.

Dragonking0072500d ago

I think for those who already own a system theyll sell similar thing to grant more power to those systems, also for those who haven't bought a ps4k theyll sell that aswell

sanosukegtr1232500d ago

Like a car upgrade it to be faster stronger and better.

nitus102500d ago

Oh a car analogy this time rather then mobile phones.

Yes it is possible to upgrade a car, however most countries now require an engineering certificate stating that the car is roadworthy.

As for faster yes the government loves this for revenue raising.

Stronger, (LOL) possible, but usually the other way around. This is why we have to get a roadworthy certificate.

Better, what may be better for you may not be in the eyes of the cops who will pull you over and fine you.

LamerTamer2500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

The online is also a silly argument as there is an easy fix. When playing MP online just lock all specs to the same res and framerate as the unenhanced console. When in SP use the added power. Problem solved. All of the Q.Q for nothing.

As far as not wanting to be outdated you already are, by medium grade budget PCs. Just because someone may have an enhanced console somewhere doesn't all of a sudden make all of your games run worse than they do now. Again silly. Besides I always hear people say "graphics don't matter", "who cares about a few extra P's or blades of grass". So I guess they DO care.

SegaGamer2500d ago

I don't even see the big deal with playing against someone online with a better running console. It's not like someone is suddenly going to become better than other's because they have improved hardware.

Also, the news that xbox and pc gamer's playing together online was welcomed by the majority of gamer's. So if they are happy with that, why don't they like the idea of playing against people with updated consoles ? With crossplay you'll be playing against people with a powerful PC, much more powerful than their consoles. These people are contradicting themselves.

nitus102500d ago

The N64 was designed to take a RAM expansion if wanted while the PS4 and XB1 are not designed to take any form of expansion (exception the disk drive of the PS4).

Note: The disk drive in the XB1 can be changed however you will void your warranty if you do so.

The only way to upgrade the PS4 and the XB1 is to get the so called enhanced chips, de-solder the old and resolder the new chips back in. Not exactly a job for most people.

babadivad2500d ago

I just think they will be mid-cyxle refreshers. X1+ and PS4K. I'm all for it.

WelkinCole2500d ago

That is not it for me.

Right now we are getting better games from devs getting more out of the static console hardware as a gen progress.

If the hardware is not static then it will be the samr as with pc. Console devs like PC devs will not optimise on older spec screwing older console holders.

The only way for older console holders will see improvements later on is to upgrade their hardware. This is the exact scenario with PC gaming. Want better performance? Upgrade. For console gamers they don't need to upgrade as devs will optimise and provide better performance.

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Neonridr2501d ago

Would be a terrible idea. Are there games that are only available to users of the PS4.5? Can I trade in my PS4 and only pay a marginal difference for the extra parts? Is Sony really ready to split the install base?

darthv722501d ago

If MS & Sony want to do this... let em. Consumers will decide if it works or not by voting with their wallets.

Commando_Bro2501d ago

Like I said, this is one of the biggest complaint that one could have.

But imagine this. You get to buy a PS4 or Xbox One game, you put it in the PS4.5 or Xbox Two and it's the same game, but with different performance in resolution and frame rate.

I think this is main point of having these next gen machine, it's not so much a graphics upgrade as it is a performance boost. This seems to be the idea behind it.

You got one camp that would love to get add more power to the console, the other don't want to be left behind.

dcbronco2501d ago

Nobody gets left behind. The games scale to the machine just like PC. At least with Microsoft. They've been working on that since midway through the 360 generation. But I'm sure Sony has too so nobody is left behind.

fiveby92500d ago

I am in favor of mid cycle hardware upgrades. A concern of mine those is that developers will be less inclined to optimize their games for a platform knowing that consumers can just upgrade their HW mid cycle. At least now with consoles many developers attempt to optimize performance for the platform. But if we ultimately get optimized games and hardware spec bump, then cool.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI2500d ago

Here's the issue with this. Cost. I'm sorry but console only owners probably don't understand this, but high end gpus and cpus are expensive. A 4k ps4? Lol have fun spending 2k+

SegaGamer2500d ago


That is the best thing about it. You don't have to upgrade, you can just stick with the current model of the console you have. The game will still work on older models, but the game will look and run better on newer models.

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DaveO_TZR2501d ago

I address this in the article. This would only work if all games moving forward worked on both consoles. Wouldn't be super hard seeing as consoles are made from standard PC parts.

Kribwalker2501d ago

That is what MS implied they want to do for the future. Everything to be backwards and forwards compatible.

SegaGamer2500d ago

I agree and i'm sure this is the plan anyway.

Obviously the time will come when you have to update to a newer model, there is only so much downgrading of a game you can do, but hopefully that wouldn't be until years later. I wouldn't want to buy a console and then be forced to buy an upgraded version 2 years later.

WalterWJR2501d ago

They don't need to split the install Base if the only difference is one can hit 4k at the same framerate the other hits at 1080p

Sciurus_vulgaris2500d ago

4K?, No ! A 4K GPU cost more than Xbox One and PS4. 4K GPUs are also huge and require a large amount of power. 4K GPUs needs to be paired withs high end i5 or i7 processors, which aren't cheap either. Plus 4K setups have super fast RAM and a strong system bus. None of the PS4/XB1 components are comparable to what is required for 4K gaming.

Xb1ps42501d ago

I don't understand how it's a bad idea...

I was able to play turok with and with out the expansion pack so how would it split the install base?

jerethdagryphon2500d ago

Because the ram pack was no differnt then spiding in a cartridge modern consoles are not built from the ground up to be upgraded. If they do a dieshrink gpu cpu upgrade on a ps4 slim then that adds a new level cof coding as it now has to check for model and scale appropriately. It splits user base because therecwill be games that are ps4.5 only and the cost of upgrading will not be trivial.

Dragonking0072500d ago

Naw i think they would play all the same games but with option of higher resolution for ps4k and regular ps4s it woulf just run at 1080p

freshslicepizza2500d ago

they are already splitting the fanbase. psvr will be needed to play certain games, is that not dividing the userbase?

why are console gamers so scared of change? if this was implemented well it could be like the pc but actually better because it's a closed system, so again what's the problem if all the games still work for the older hardware?

the only way it would be disastrous is if they did indeed make games for the upgraded system only. which in that case i would agree. but if it was handled in ways like i could play driveclub at 60fps then tell me again what your problem is with that concept? or quantum break at 1080p on the xbox one.

once again we have console gamers resistance to what they don't find familiar.

SegaGamer2500d ago

I agree with what you are saying.

Like you say, the only way it would be disastrous is if games were only released on the newer models. But that isn't what they plan on doing anyway so i don't see why so many gamer's hate this idea.

If you don't want a new model, then don't get it.
If you do want one, then buy it.

Either way, you are still going to be able to play your games. The only difference is that games will look better on the upgraded model.

XanderZane2500d ago

Userbase won't really be split because every game that comes out for the PS4 or PS4K will work perfectly on both systems. The only difference will be that games on the PS4K will look and perform better. I'd bet all the accessories would be 100% compatible as well, so you wouldn't need to buy new controllers, camera, headphones, etc... It would be nice if then offered trade ins though. Get $200 or more off the price of the new console with a trade-in.

nitus102500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

You can output a 1080p PS4 game to a 4k or even 8k display which will up-scale and enhance the input accordingly.

As for 4k gaming - oh please there are very few native games now and you need a very powerful and expensive graphics card to get do better than 4k 60 fps.

As for trade ins and getting $200 off the price of the new console, highly doubtful. Basically if you wish to treat a console like a mobile phone then you need to be on a plan or don't mind paying full price for the replacement which many people perceive as an upgrade.

XanderZane2500d ago

Never said anything about 4K games. I said the games will look and perform better. How many people have 4K HDTV right now? They are still pretty expensive, so I wouldn't expect the upgrade consoles to have many games doing 4K. Most likely 1440P, which would be fine with me. I would hope these companies would offer some kind of trade-in for older systems. There are trade-ins for Smart Phones, but they don't offer much. We'll see what happens at the E3.

LamerTamer2500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

These consoles use PC components. I doubt they would alienate millions of users for a few with the Elite version. All it would be is like on the PC if you upgraded the graphics card a bit. You may be able to run a little smoother and maybe have better draw distance but the game would be the same.

And no I don't think Sony would do trade ins. What are they going to do with all of those used abused units of which some may be busted? That would be a logistical nightmare. Just sell it on ebay or trade it to Gamestop if you want.

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Theo11302501d ago

Maybe they should have a new boxes, and then those who wanted to upgrade could pay like $100 bucks or something and trade in the box.

DaveO_TZR2501d ago

Thats a good idea! Kind of like trading up with smartphones.

yomfweeee2501d ago

I still refuse to believe this will be a reality.

I wouldn't mind if it were true and the games were guaranteed to be on both systems. But I would be pissed the first time a game required PS4.5.

Ark_2500d ago

Advanced VR titles will propably require more power. You see the difference between standard gaming PCs and consoles allready in normal titles, concerning framerates and resolution. If they don't beef it up, the difference in VR titles will be very noticable end next year when another wave of GPUs hits the market.

But a shorter console cycle will do as well I guess.

nitus102500d ago

Yes we know that all PC users have 75", 4k, 120Hz or better monitors. /s

SegaGamer2500d ago

But what if you were required to upgrade to a newer model 6 years later ? That seem's fair to me, that is pretty much what we already do now anyway when we move on to the next generation of consoles.

iceman062500d ago

That's the HUGE risk that any company is gonna take with this idea...this gen. When we purchased our consoles, we were had the idea that we were buying the best that was going to be offered until the next gen. Why? Because that's pretty much how it's been for...forever. IMO, it is a better idea for next gen than now....unless console makers are trying to prolong this gen. (the hardware and specs won't hold up for 8 years this time) Either way, I'm not so psyched about the idea. I'd prefer to get the power upfront with more of a price tag. (as long as the power warrants the price)