MONG Podcast 117 | Skins (Not the TV Show)

This week was one full of interesting rumors, new and solemn stories. From the cancellation of the would-be Minotaur adventure Gypsum to the reveal of the Bloodborne board game, we even cover the failed reveal of BioWare’s new IP and Evolution shuttering their doors. Keep yourself up to date (mostly) with MONG Podcast.

The Thought From Nowhere was skins… yep, skins. What’s your favorite skin, what’s the best skin? Customization is king and we wanna know which, honestly pointless, re-skins you HAD to get your hands on for your video game avatars.

Also make sure to tune in next week for the super secret awesome secret thing!

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illgrillchill963d ago

the power of skins - always a fun thing to mess around with!