Rise of the Tomb Raider – DX11 vs. DX12 @ GTX 980 Ti Benchmark & Performance Comparison

With update 1.0.638.8 Rise of the Tomb Raider not only offers VXAO for Nvidia Maxwell users, but also DirectX 12 support. We offer a benchmark performance and graphics comparison of Rise of the Tomb Raider on PC with DirectX 11 vs. DirectX 12 – PC is set to maximum graphics settings – we disabled some setting for better picture quality, such as motion Blur, Film Grain and Vignette Blur. We used a Palit Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 Ti Super Jetstream. Rest of the specs as well as benchmark results can be found at the end of the video.

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MRMagoo123992d ago

soooooo once again dx 11 benchmarks higher than 12 fps wise....the complete opposite of what it was meant to do.

badz149992d ago

Maybe nVidia cards are?

mikeslemonade992d ago

I'm more alarmed by how bad the 980ti is performing general. It's suppose to be a card where I can max everything on 1440p but doesn't even come close to that.

badz149992d ago

Tell me about it! I just built my own rig recently with a R9 390. But even with all the talk about pc being superior in every way, I find it frustrating that it's hard to lock 60fps in most games at 1080p at high setting, let alone ultra.

kraenk12992d ago (Edited 992d ago )

The game is just terribly optimised on PC. What a shame!

SniperControl992d ago

I did my own benchmarks using the internal benchmarker in RotTR, i got a .07 increase in FPS on dx12 over dx11. There was also a lot of pop up on dx12 as well.

I said back when that people should keep thier expectations for dx12 in check, the PC community has seen it all before with dx10 and dx11. MS hyped the crap out of those as well.

FrostXVenom992d ago (Edited 992d ago )

once again?what was the last game you have played with dx12?
its just nvidia cards that are not getting performance boost in these early stages.

SniperControl992d ago

Hitman dx11-dx12 benchmarks produced similar results i believe.

FrostXVenom992d ago

Yeah,Hitman was directx12 out of the box,but broken.I just dont agree with the complete opposite thing cause its only on Nvidia Cards and AMD getting 10% boost on 1080P.

MRMagoo123992d ago

Whats me playing dx 12 games have to do with my comment, I'm referring to the articles about dx12 not my own personal experience. from what was being said about dx12 before it came out was that it was going to be a massive boost to pc but from what I have seen so far all windows 10 and dx 12 have done is made things slightly worse than they were.

FrostXVenom992d ago

@MRMagoo123 Ok if you are only considering NVIDIA cards i agree with you..

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ITPython992d ago

I just recently built my own PC in anticipation of Quantum Break (it was my excuse for finally building one, which I have always wanted to do). Set me back just about $1500 when all was said and done, it was essentially a "$1000" PC build, but after taxes, new OS ($200 for Windows 10 pro) and additional things like cords, Xbox controller etc, that $1000 PC quickly turned into a $1500 PC. So a bit of wisdom for people falling for the "You can build an extremely powerful PC for $1000 or less, don't fall for it. Add about $500 to any quote, and even more if you plan to get a better monitor/TV to play it on.

Well my first game to try out on this somewhat beastly PC (Gigabyte GTX 970, quad core i5 4690k, 16GB of DDR3 RAM and a SSD drive) was Rise of Tomb Raider. And after spending more time playing with the graphics settings than actually playing the game, I really REALLY hope RoTR is just an unoptimized pile of crap, because it really doesn't even look all that great with everything cranked to max, and in order for me to get a somewhat stable framerate (extremely difficult) I have to knock all the best options down pretty far.

I might jump in and download this DX12 update to see if it helps, but based on this info, it will actually make things worse.

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Miss_Vixen992d ago

I'm not really surprise. The exact same thing was promised before for both Direct 10 & 11 during their inception.

Realistically I'm not expecting for version 12 to be a game changer with all the hype going for it performance wise.

SniperControl992d ago

Yep, MS like to hype thier products beyond belief, but actually deliver very little when it counts.

ShottyGibs992d ago

The benefits of DX12 that I'm more excited about is CPU efficiency. It's about time they start spreading out using all the extra cores PC users have properly. These games are already GPU bound so expecting magical improvements isn't going to happen. Just extra eye candy that's limited to dx12.
For a game to really benefit dx12 it has to be written from the ground up rather than an afterthought. It needs to have the world's complexity and physics actually designed around it from inception.
It's a shame Star Citizen aren't doing this as I once believed. That game is brutal on the CPU.

Genova84992d ago

Game was on my "conpleted list" before the dx12 update came out. With the sli tweak i got 60 fps "most of the time" in 4k. A few areas were a little hazy and it would sometimes get stuck in the 30s until i rebooted the game.

From the sounds of it, an upgrade may be needed sooner than i hoped. :-/. Gimme that x80 titan!

992d ago