Borderlands 3 Rumours

With the possibility of a new game, in addition to the movie, it looks like we are going to be spoiled!

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ARESWARLORD1598d ago (Edited 1598d ago )

Day one for me, This is my favorite series, I can loose myself for hours at a time in the Borderlands games.

Tallpine1597d ago

Not much meat on that article but I have hope that both borderlands 3 and a movie will kick ass.

oasdada1597d ago

Yes please.. I have put hundreds of hour in borderlands and borderlands 2! Cant wait! However I dont think this is a franchise that couls transition well on the big screen, The only thing that will remain true to the game will be the title

Thatguy-3101597d ago

Did you not play tales of borderlands? I feel like it would work perfectly on the big screen. The universe and the characters the roam them would make a pretty entertaining movie. I can just picture the cinematography of mad max with a doze of comedy that borderland characters are known for.

TheCommentator1596d ago

They could film it like A Scanner Darkly, or just make it full CG.

TheSaint1597d ago

This isn't exactly surprising.

quent1597d ago

borderlands 2 is the reason I don't bother with these other looter shooters, they are limited in scale and options, created by short sighted greeded fools who have their 2year dlc plans in place before hand when the games themselves are a unbalanced mess, their a tacked on experience being released at full price, borderlands games are the real deal.

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