Evolution: We Hope to Stay Together and Do Something Awesome; Great Options for Us

Evolution developers hope to stay together and do something awesome as a new studio. They've mentioned "great options" available to them, too.

KaiPow3037d ago

It's never good to hear about studio closures but I wish these guys the best. Driveclub was one of my favorite racing games so far this console generation.

TwoForce3037d ago

Despite EVO being close, but in my heart they're still live on.

Yi-Long3037d ago

Nintendo should pick them up. They could use a nice exclusive developer to create their own real world racer.

Aeery3037d ago

I loved their games.

Now unleash the creativity.
Do something amazing.
Show Sony it was (very) wrong.

darthv723037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

IF Sony doesn't blend these guys into other studios, Turn 10 could use creative people like these. I could see their talent helping out with the Forza games.

TwoForce3037d ago

All these comments " sign ".

Gazondaily3037d ago

Microsoft should snipe them. Driveclubs visuals plus Forza Horizons everything else = dream combo

Christopher3037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

@Septic: That would be something to see, but likely only on PC right now. I think the Forza team is as competent as Evolution in the technical arena, only they focus on different elements. I don't think it's that they can't do great graphics, only they focus on what they want first and build up to what they can graphically. I think part of DriveClub's goal was graphics over other things, which is why it had the results it did. Both teams are pushing the hardware to its limits with what goals they have.

kitsune4513037d ago

Being that Evolution is in the UK, these people are most likely going to Playground Studios for Forza Horizon. I would have really loved to have seen Evolution do something cool with Gran Turismo instead...

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freshslicepizza3037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

i'd like to see what they can do on the pc. something like driveclub at 60fps would be welcomed

Dee_913037d ago

hopefully they assimilate into PD. Sucks when ever a good studio close, sucks even more when its a car/ racing oriented studio.

BLizardXD3037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

PC already has the king of racing sims, in 4k too.

TheCommentator3037d ago

Yeah, Septic, I was thinking they should just trade Evolution Studios for Lionhead Studios and be done with it!

RumbleFish3037d ago

I loved the original Motorstorm. I'd love to see them making something similar for all platforms!

SonyWarrior3037d ago

sony doesnt need evolution studios, they have polyphony digital.... thats the equivalent of me having both a camaro v6 automatic when i have a ferrarri 458.

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TwoForce3037d ago

@septic @Yi-long @darthv72 Let these guy build their own studio.

Yi-Long3037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

I agree with that, but if Nintendo is smart and wants their NX to have a great exclusive mature racer, this seems like a great studio to pick up, or at least give them a project.

I really hope these guys can stick together and create more greatness in the future. Absolutely LOVE Driveclub, and I'm extremely disappointed by Sony's decision to drop them.

darthv723037d ago

By all means they should. And be open to whoever is looking to have some quality games developed. It doesn't have to be racing but we know they are good at that.

Can you imagine if they made a more mature Mario Kart or their vision of FZero with all sorts of particle effects on screen.

RumbleFish3037d ago

They should be free and go multiplatform. The more good games everybody gets to play the better for us all.

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showtimefolks3037d ago

i have a lot of respect for sony as a publisher but come on evolution studios did everything they could to make drive club as awesome as possible. Zipper i could understand since they had fallen back

but evolution studios have so much talent

i really want to say i understand but i don't. this is one move sony didn't need to make

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crazychris41243037d ago

Would be great to see them form their own studio and launch a kickstarter for a spiritual successor to Motorstorm for consoles and PC.

kaiserfranz3037d ago

I loved Motorstorm: Pacific Rift! That would be really amazing.

Forn3037d ago

I agree. I wish that we could have been able to experience a new Motorstorm built up for PS4.

RumbleFish3037d ago

Sorry, I hit the disagree button accidently, I wanted to agree.

LoveSpuds3037d ago

Yup, but dial down the AI this time......damn Pacific Rift got tough!

nitus103037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

You need to remember that in order to make a game and make money you must produce a game that people are going to buy.

Evolution Studios have only made ten games between 2001 and 2014. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wi...

There has been only one game (Driveclub - https://en.wikipedia.org/wi... developed for the PS4 and it was met with mixed reviews.

Just because a studio has been closed down the staff may be relocated to other gaming studios although the developers may decide to form their own independent studio but like any company that goes it alone there are risks.

crazychris41243037d ago

Thats why if they go independent they should make a game similar to Motorstorm. There is clearly demand for it, they are more than familiar with the series and they can sell it on the X1 and PC too for more sales. If most of the key devs do go down this path then they are going to have to launch a kickstarter and it aint coming anytime soon.

Cybermario3037d ago

such a shame to see the studio is closing, i agree, would be nice to see some spiritual successors of some of the games

TwoForce3037d ago

Good luck, my friend !