Def Jam Icon PS3 packshot

Whoever said that brawling with rhythm is impossible obviously haven't heard of Electronic Arts' Def Jam Icon (Xbox360, PS3). Why? Well, in case you haven't heard, one of the main features of the game is that the music defines your gameplay.

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nirwanda5242d ago

I really didn't think they would ruin a great game how could they that just sounds so wrong what they are doing to the gameplay how are you going to move if you use the other analoge to 'BEAT A RYTHEM' sound like PArapper the rapper but with actual rappers.

kingboy5242d ago

yea man i`m praying they don`t spoil it .Plus those jumping building`s following the beat was a very bad idea

benny o klaatt5242d ago

they had better release a demo on PnP and XBLA before this comes out, it sounds so different to fight for new york, that game was awesome. EA you better not make this CACK or i will personally pogo stick each and every one of you execs. sort it out.
gamertag: benny o klaatt

SPAWN5242d ago

EA sucks man! If they screw this up like they did nfs carbon, we need to boycott their lame @$$e$!