Sacramento Kings Owner Says New NBA Arena Was Designed For ESports

When the Sacramento Kings’ Golden 1 Center opens in October for the tipoff of the 2016-2017 NBA Season, the $507 million arena will have 1,000 Wi-Fi access points for 17,500 seats and an 84-foot-long 4K video board. While these features are great for NBA fans, Kings co-owner Andy Miller believes this new venue will be perfect for eSports.

jagiii2813d ago

The Kings suck, but their new stadium looks like it will be pretty awesome for eSports.

darthv722812d ago

I work right across the street from it. Watching it being built is pretty impressive. Can't wait to see the inside when it's done.

Would be cool to see some pro level esports done here in Sactown.

ShaunCameron2812d ago

Their time came and went in 2002.

iceman062811d ago

Time to trade Boogie for a crap ton of assets and build a team. Oh...and can Vlade.


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