Seagate - the answer to digital distribution?

When thinking of gaming, the companies that make the storage medium are rarely thought of. Seagate, however, is offering up an interesting view of the future; a future that could effect the way we buy our games.

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specialguest5443d ago

i like the whole idea of digital distribution, but 300TB hard drive will still be way to expensive by 2010. we're not even in the TB yet and the higher end/bigger capacity hard drives are still expensive. also, what will the videogame industry do to try to eliminate P2P videogame file sharing?

grunt3605443d ago

Hmm, very interesting.

This looks like AMAZING technology and it would allow artists to create ultra-high resolution textures and map designers would beable to make ultra-high poly maps.

The problem would be actually putting the game on the cube or drive. And the actual cost of deploying the drives and cubes must be HUGE unless that 'heat-assisted magnetic recording' is how they shall urn the stuff on.

jedicurt5442d ago

great, so there will be hard drive space for Digital Distribution.

This still doesn't compensate for the biggest problem which is lack of bandwidth. and that problem will not be solved for a long long time.