New screenshots revealed for PS4 and Xbox One ports of Resident Evil 6

Some new screenshots have been revealed for Resident Evil 6 on PS4 and Xbox One.

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Haru939d ago

nothing to see here Just a pc port without any noticeable upgrades whatsoever

higgins78939d ago

So true. Any visual upgrades from the PC version will be negligible anyhow. Again, another example of trolls who champion 'specs' and call the Wii U 'underpowered' seeing mostly ports of last gen games available on their media all in 1 entertainment systems.

iDadio939d ago

Its the gameplay that needs the upgrade, 6 was truly awful

JaXion5939d ago

I still don't get why they chose to release RE6 first and not RE4 but whatever.

NarooN939d ago

They might be putting more work into RE4, since the art assets are a lot older and lower-res than 5 and 6's.

RosweeSon939d ago

Or get 2 out first or even bother with 6 again as it was so well received first time around. Can't knock em for the 3-4 campaigns it had but shame it was such a bad game to actually play, not resident evil I know.

939d ago
sadsatan939d ago

only interested in resi4. actually, resi5 was pretty good too

RosweeSon939d ago

Yeah 5 wasn't too bad but nailed through it with my mate in Co-op and that's prob my problem resi is survival horror, the horror goes or the window if yours mates in it with you and survival chances are normally upped with an extra friend to back you up. I like my resident evil experiences to be solitary. I was looking forward to outbreak that sounded really cool on ps2 but here in U.K Capcom ripped all the online modes out of it?! Nice one.

jeromeface939d ago

I don't see why everyone holds 4 in such high regard... it was the beginning of the downward spiral that has left the series where it is today. La Plagus was a horrible storyline. You don't need to make zombies more scary.

SolidGear3939d ago

Really excited about getting this again. I loved Leon's campaign :3