LGC: "50-50" chance of Left 4 Dead PS3

Valve doesn't do PS3. The company's co-founder Gabe Newell isn't a fan, and hasn't been afraid to say so. But Valve's Doug Lombardi has told CVG today that PS3 support could be on the cards as the platforms recent success has raised some eyebrows.

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Raoh4686d ago

even if valve makes a ps3 game i dont expect much right away..

they are going to go into it half azz if gabe is directly involved in the ps3 version.

their primary is pc which i understand but they will most likely want to port from the 360 to the ps3.. instant fail..

the only way to make this work is to make the ps3 the lead (which its too late to do that)

or to do the ps3 version separately from the ground up (which i dont expect them to do.

so "IF" they do a ps3 game, it will probably suck and they will say its the ps3's fault..

Genesis54686d ago

I really like the Half LIfe games. But why does Gabe have to be such a Knob.

TK4214686d ago

F\/CK Valve they can keep their game. Sony should show Gabe Newell the finger. They have been doing just fine without Valve's support.

chaosatom3334686d ago

would have moved to god of war, heavy rain, Killzone 2, and even FFX13.

ChrisGTR14686d ago

LOL!!!!!! ouch. nice backhanded compliment there chaosatom333

Overr8ed4686d ago

nice one chaos, Bubble up for you.

juuken4686d ago (Edited 4686d ago )

Gabe sounds very snobbish and I don't know how he can call himself a developer really.

He can keep his games. I have too many games to think about now that'll be ten times better than that crap.

StephanieBBB4686d ago

Gabe Newell reminds me so much of Denis Dyack... do they both have the same syndrom?

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red_ring_of_death4686d ago

i dont care about no games from Valve

AngryXbot4686d ago

Any developer in the gaming industry who bet on MS and the 360 is really getting owned right now.

I mean how stupid can you be. The PS3 has a fanbase of 140 million PS2 owners. And these turds thought the 360 would win because MS starting a blackball campaign?

Anyone who bets on the 360 is OWNED. Clearly, as PS3 outsells 360 EVERY MONTH while being 200 bucks more expensive than the cheapest 360 console.

Honestly, all these developers just show how lousy they are at predicting the market. If they had invested in PS3 early on, like EPIC (UT3), Naughty dog, Insomniac (Resistance), Konami (MGS) and more companies, they wouldnt be walking behind the facts now and still LEARNING how to unlock the PS3s complex architecture whereas their competitors have already done so...

These dumbas companies need to learn that if they want to jump on the PS3 wagon, they need to invest in the PS3 sooner or later. Better sooner than later, is what I was always taught!

So whats Left 4 dead? It doesnt excell at graphics, animations, physics or any kind. So how the FK can these people have trouble porting this game on the PS3 ANYWAY? Do they truly lack so many skills?


DavidMacDougall4686d ago

So Gabe is going to have to eat his own words? LOL That fat C**T will eat everything !!!!


i dont give a shil. i hope you dont port it to the ps3 because its going to play and look like crap. i guess valve thinks were begging for this game....PLEASE so many games to choose from for the ps3 and I bet if it does come out i hope like you said we dont pick this crap up .....

JoySticksFTW4686d ago

Those sons of bythces have no soul.

The only reason they are even considering developing on the PS3 is because Sony is moving so many units that they can't ignore the PS3.

The video game industry surely is a business, when you have doughnut-eating Gabe and friends forgetting what it's like to be a gamer, forgetting that they get to live dream jobs making games for a living, forgetting what it is to have the ability and talents to make others happy.

But it's all money and grudges to Valve.

And let's not forget Laziness either, because they (meaning EA or Valve) STILL didn't fix Orange Box for PS3.

Why couldn't an alligator have bitten into this Doug guy or Gabe? That gator truly was an Xbot enforcer.

Gabe, Doug, and the Gator... Toss Peter Moore in there and you have a new, dreaded Four Horsemen... full of ill will and evil intentions for PS3 fans and all things Sony

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morganfell4686d ago (Edited 4686d ago )

I really really do not want this game on the PS3. I hope as many PS3 fans as possible will just void the idea of any valve title on the PS3. Why?

Because in the long run, with the direction anyone with a modicum of common sense knows this console war is heading, it will punish Valve far more than it ever affects PS3 owners.

Unless Gabe Newell (aka Pearl the Record Keeper) is willing to stand up and let Kaz Hirai kick him dead in the nutsack, then forget it.

I think at this point Valve would be more interested in producing a game on the PS3 to deliberately damage the PS3 rep. The game would be of substandard quality. They would likely sell enough copies to cover their costs and they could blame it on the PS3.

alakazzam4686d ago

"kick him dead in the nut sack" lol

kingme714686d ago

How many people instinctively grabbed their jewels and cringed?

power of Green 4686d ago (Edited 4686d ago )

Dude is just talking, hyping the game lol. Its almost like he wants to spite PS3. His attatude towards PS3 is malice and strange for a developer.

They don't even want to support PS3 versions of titles on the market now lol.

morganfell4686d ago

I never ever agree with period...until this, but you are correct.

solidjun54686d ago

...I completely agree. I was about to say the same thing until I saw that sentiment. I look up and look who it is...POG?!?!

Anyway, Valve is fully of shhhhh. They are great developers but be consistent with yoru views. You don't like the PS3 and I guess that's fine but don't pull this out of just makes you look foolish. Or more foolish.

power of Green 4686d ago

You don't ever agree with me?

Not surprizing, I rarely saying anything that the Sony Defence Force agenda can use for their cause.

Gabe could also be conditioning the haters and the angry media from unfairly ripping apart the game due to envy and other motives, by pressenting a PS3 possibility.

juuken4686d ago

...Is this PoG? Did someone possess you? Since when did you start making sense?

I agree with you too.

TheDeadMetalhead4686d ago


I used to power of the cell to do it, too. Now, PoG is my little puppet ^__^

*makes PoG do Irish Jig*

juuken4686d ago

Lol @ MetalHead.

Silly. ^-^

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Defectiv3_Detectiv34686d ago (Edited 4686d ago )

Gabe Newell is such a dumbass. PS3 sales will soon rival 360 sales, they already do. He can keep his counterstrike, by the time they release the next one HL3 will already be out.

I just think its funny there are usually more people playing TFC on PSN than XBL.