New Sonic game to be revealed in July?

SEGA has promised an "exclusive first look at the future of Sonic" during a special 25th Anniversary event taking place this July.

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PhoenixUp1646d ago

I'd like to see Sonic finally make his debut on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

I'd also like to see Sonic Team produce a high quality AAA title for the 25th anniversary.

MegaRay1646d ago

Me too. But im not holding my breath. It could be another boom or reboot for all we know

The 10th Rider1646d ago

Sonic Team didn't make Sonic Boom. They've been working on their next game, whatever it is, for three years. All they need to do is refine the best elements from generations, colors, and the unleashed daytime levels, throw in playable tails and knuckles for alternate paths, and add in elements from adventures (different level objectives, similar storyline, chao garden.) If they just did those things we'd have a kick-ass Sonic game on our hands.

LightofDarkness1646d ago

I don't know if you played SA lately, but that game's story is one of the worst things about it. Frankly, SA is not a good game. It's a buggy mess with terrible VA, writing and shoe-horned extra characters. They should focus solely on what worked in the other games you mentioned. If there's any story they should use as a template, it's the story on Colours, which was kind of funny and self-aware.

MegaRay1646d ago

@The 10th Rider

Their last game (lost world) wasnt good, that why I doubt them. If they did a game like you described then its gonna be a good Sonic game, but do you think they (or Sega) would be that smart? I personally doubt them. Hope im proven wrong tho

joedom1646d ago

Yeah, we'd all like a lot of things!

iDadio1646d ago

My confidence in this happening as decreased with each previous iteration, I think we have to accept we will never get a glory days version of Sonic

AizenSosuke1646d ago

Sonic please just be Adventure 3 or nothing:)

pwnsause_returns1646d ago

pls be good, pls be good, pls be good....

Theparanerds1646d ago

Sonic returns in an all new free-to-play game exclusive for iOS.

Start the game with Rogue the Bat and continue in a 2d sidescroller-runner where you jump to a 3d runner where you then get to a point where the game just keeps jumping.

But that's not all, remember the Chaos? They're back in a mini-game called Chao village. You can create your own Chao village and for only $.99 you can select the colour of your chaos to reflect your favorite Sonic character. Sky Blue , Ravishing Red or Creamy Cream.

If that's not enough you can get exclusive Wallpaper for your phone including one of Sonic the Hedgehog in his famour emblem giving a thumbs up with "25" underneath.

That's not all the first 1 000 000 downloads will get an unlockable character. That's right Big the Cat is back and bigger than ever. Can you reel in all the fishes to feed the chaos? for $1.99 you can buy a bigger rod too!!!!!!

Sonic Runner-jumper-fisher-chaos builder 25 will be out soon.

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