Nintendo Tells Website to Remove 2200+ Roms; Including Hacks? is a popular emulation website that was hit with a huge claim from Nintendo: they had to remove over 2200+ roms. But not just official Nintendo games, but hacks were also the subject of removal. This is a huge precedent for both emulation and rom hacks.

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EcoSos31913d ago

Not the first time it happens I think it was CoolRoms that was hit with this to.

gamerb61912d ago

Good, well done Nintendo.

Artemidorus1912d ago

Do you even play games or just sit there in a suit debating?

Shinox1912d ago (Edited 1912d ago )

THAT'S IT , somebody needs to stop this company from being dicks and trying to dominate the internet by deleting an ENTIRE archive of roms , once these archive of roms are gone THEY ARE GONE PEOPLE , a huge years of effort from decoding the roms from the cartridges will be wasted because of Nintendo !

RosweeSon1912d ago (Edited 1912d ago )

But they have every right to fight for their intellectual properties, I dabbled when I was back at school and it's good to be able to play games that would cost £60 even nowadays with no box because its that rare and can hardly blame people when Nintendo drip feed their VC console games so much.
However they are well within their rights it's their games you can just steal from people even big companies, why are they big because for over 30 years (in gaming at least) they've made some of the best games around and now we're all entitled to them for free? Doesn't quite work like that hence why Paul McCartney is fighting for his song rights even now. It's worth money money which is deserved as without them we'd never have the roms in the first place as they've have never created the games. Things that have been rereleased time and time again or now cost ridiculous prices and haven't been released by Nintendo elsewhere sure but it gets to a point where everyone has the entire library for free that's not exactly on is it. Try before you buy I'm down with that but when everyone just wants everything for free and illegally be used theft of property is illegal not down with that.

1912d ago
ONESHOTV21912d ago

no they dont i own the pokemon games i download don't come here with your shit.

GordonKnight1912d ago

Why can't they just start from scratch? Shovel Knight is the way to go. These Devs need to create their own IP, instead of hacking Nintendo games.

Lukejrl1912d ago

Just torrent the roms. They are hosted on a million different computers. Nintendo can't shut them down. I don't condone pirating games still available to purchase, but if the game can only be purchased and for an old system go to town dude.

Artemidorus1912d ago

ROMs after a certain age should be open to the public.

Not like we can all get ourselves the consoles and fire it up again.

Ck1x1912d ago

It doesn't work that way, the company still owns the rights...

Artemidorus1912d ago

I know that but say a 30 year old game gets played, it's not going to make them any richer or more to the point whats to say the companies involved are even around.

TheUndertaker851912d ago

@Artemidorus: Same with buying used which many, many, many former platforms can only be purchased. Nintendo doesn't see a penny of that either.

gamerb61912d ago

By your logic all movies and music should be free after a certain time to.
Sony fanboy logic never makes any sense.

Artemidorus1912d ago

Shows how ill educated you are calling me a Sony fanboy so troll harder.

I see no problem in old content being used for free. If I created something and it's old i'd be honoured people still want to play or use it.

But selfish greedy corporates and the jobsworth say different.

rainslacker1912d ago (Edited 1912d ago )


In theory, this content still has value. It's not uncommon to release anthologies or things like virtual console retro downloads.

Allowing these ROMS to exist just devalues the possibility that they can make money later.

Nintendo is protecting it's IP's, and copyright laws are not eternal. However, if a company actively protects it's copyrights, then it resets the date when it will become public domain. Music and movies can even fall into this time frame. The time it becomes public domain is something in the 80 odd years mark...something where the original copyright holder won't benefit anymore. however, nowadays, it's not uncommon to pass rights onto another person, and the only things that usually move towards open domain are those where the owner of the IP/copyright has become defunct for some reason.

So, yeah you can consider these companies greedy or selfish, but they have every reason, and every right, to protect the value of their work, and for Nintendo's part here, they are also protecting the work of many other copyright holders.

I don't personally disagree that archiving is a bad thing, nor should it be discouraged, but at the same time, archiving isn't the same as piracy, and I hate to say it, but downloading and playing these ROM's can be piracy, and more often than not is despite those who play the "but I own the original" verbage, which is laughable, because many of these ROMS are not that easy to come by, and many more are readily available.

When it comes down to it though, the license agreements for the games do not give the right to play it wherever one pleases. One is allowed to play it on the original system only. They technically are allowed to play copies, however circumventing any copy protection(if it even exists on these cart based consoles) is not actually legal, except sometimes it is...I dunno, it gets confusing either way.

Nintendo is pretty veracious in protecting their IP's and in this case the IP's of others who released on their system. You may not agree, and personally, I'm all for archiving, but archiving and distribution are two different things, and I don't for one second believe that these sites actually have a right to have backup copies of 2200 games....and they certainly don't have the right to distribute them.

BrandanT1912d ago

Copyright laws say otherwise. Nintendo did not make those laws and the whole "fair use" thing is incredibly throughout every industry.

Artemidorus1912d ago

We all know this, however Nintendo have a habit of diving on the rules as quick as possible.

Ocsta1912d ago

Luckily I downloaded my fill from Coolrom before they were hit. My virtual retro collection lacks for very little.

MRMagoo1231912d ago

You can find complete collections on torrent sites ive been told 😒

1912d ago
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