Nintendo Vs. Sony Stock In 2006

After a record year for Nintendo, both hardware and software wise, the value of its stock doubled in 2006. The DS has been e best seller all year long, while the Wii was the best selling new console this holiday season, where a reported 3 million were sold in five weeks.

Sony's stock on the other hand, has had a rollercoaster ride in 2006, ending at the same value as it begun in January.

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THE TRUTH5238d ago

for Nintendo!

The Wii is by far the best next gen console! Forget Blu ray and HD DVD! Forget XBL and PSN! Forget GOW and RFOM!

It's about fun and from christmas morning (1201AM) our family (which is huge) has been playing the Wii (which I got for my son for christmas) non stop! The fun everyone has been having from my 3 yea old son to my 78 year old grandpa is absolutely priceless! Wii sports is just amazing fun for the enitre family!

Look everyone on here knows me, I own a 360 since launch and I've had a so-so experience, I got my PS3 right before christmas and aside from RFOM it's been pushed aside. Both console offer Next Gen technology but the fun factor just isnt there! Nintendo with the Wii have made games fun again! Not just for me to enjoy but now my wife and son can get involed and enjoy in the expierence! When our friends or other family comes over, even non gamers, we have hours of fun. When its just me I pop in Zelda and it's just mind blowing! Im burnt out talking about Blu ray vs. HD DVD, RFOM vs. GOW, XBL vs PSN, which has better graphics!

Who cares! Wake up and see whats happening gamers! Wii has sent us a new message and one I have took heed to! Games are for fun and when they are fun it doesn't take a $600-$400 console to have the most fun!

Great job nintendo! I am a Sony fan but I have to admit I'm rooting for Nintendo to take the number #1 spot and make both MS and Sony rethink what we as gamers want! An affordable console that is all about fun and enjoyment! dollar for dollar Wii is killing both 360 and PS3!

Nintendo is the only one out of the three to offer gamers worldwide a great launch! I am very impressed and Nintendo deserves every good thing they get from both the Wii and DS lite!

Hate it or love it, the underdogs on top!

TOM5238d ago

but imersion is key.when i played the wii all i kept saying was "is this it" .mY god,the grphics were subpar and the controls gimmick and not in any way immersive.Not for one seconed did i forget i was playing a game. I will be sticking with the real systems not this last gen turd. While clearly this crap is for some,its not for my type.

Harry5237d ago

TOM, so immersion isn't a tense 4 way bowling match?

Hmph the Wii had me fooled.

Also I've had it up to here with console FPS, they piss me off.

ChickeyCantor5237d ago

Tom a real system?
.......mine is rock solid and real.........dunno what fable you've been to

True Gamer5238d ago

That alone should scare the sh!t out of some MS fanboys, if this trend continues the Nintendo Wii could very well end up taking the lead from MS by late 07.

Or it could all end be a fad that will soon die out.

We shall see...

TheMART5238d ago

Uhm, think you missed it

in North AMerica

Wii sold 1.8 million units in december
360 sold 2.0 million units
PS3 sold 750k

360 is outselling the Wii. And parents bought Wii's for CHristmas.

The rest of the year parents won't buy so much, but gamers do. Wii sales will decline soon while the 360 sales will be more steady (not 2 million a month ofcourse, those are Xmas sales)
Mark my words

Odiah5238d ago

They call the wii a gimmick but their console robbed that idea very soon after it was announced.
Can't wait for Feb/Mar when the real killer games start coming out.

ChickeyCantor5237d ago

cozz they dont believe sony takes what others have.

THE TRUTH5238d ago

Nintendo has all the momentum coming into the 07 season!

It's shocking to say it but I think nintendo has a much better chance at winning this thing then most gamers/fanboys on this site give it credit!

when you have a product that gamers and nongamers can and will enjoy you definetly have a leg up on the competition! No one is giving nintendo the credit they deserve, but I was so impressed with Nintendo's launch! they had plenlt of consoles out and nothing but good things from customers, hell I was offered 750$ for mine when I got the last one and was walking to my car with it!

I prefer sony consoles but, nintendo has definetly won me over with the wii! It's just much more fun when wife, son, in laws, mom and dad, cousins, brothers, and grandparents can all enjoy playing together! I never had that before and now I do!

I cant wait for nintendo to start bringing out some more games! and you know 3rd party developers are going to want to make games for the wii because of the ease of making games and the much less risk/reward ratio!

gamecube failed and failed hard, but the wii is nothing like a gamecube and it is doing numbers the gamecube couldn't imagine doing!

All I am saying is give nintendo it's credit!

Harry5237d ago

Take that back about Gamecube..

Any console with Super smash brothers is not a failure in my book.

ChickeyCantor5237d ago (Edited 5237d ago )

"gamecube failed and failed hard"
only at sales, but not with the costumers who got it, like me GCN didnt failed.
gamecube had a great potentiel just didnt got the support.

en SSBM rocks still play it today!( like all the other ones who got that game)

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