The Division Angry Review

AngryJoe & OtherJoe are activated as Agents for The Division, what do they think of the organization? Find out!

DashArrivals3037d ago

Yes. Tell them how it really is Angry Joe.

The game gets boring super quick. I played hte beta for 8 hours at least, I just felt that something didn't click with this game. The cons I've read about, far out-weigh the pros IMO. Maybe I'll pick this game up when it's cheap with 3 DLC packs included.

seanpitt233037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

I love angry Joe reviews. He tells it how it is Just about every review he does I agree with him. So glad I holded off buying this game I knew it would lack variety and get stale pretty quickly by playing the beta. Bring on dark souls 3 and uncharted 4.

Lonnie183037d ago

lol glad somebody tells you what to buy! Game is solid, much better than alot of games I've played this generation.

thekhurg3037d ago

He doesn't tell anything how it is. He doesn't review games for their fun factor - he just cashes in on the idea that gamers are somehow entitled to get a minimum of 400 hours of gameplay for $60.

ironcrow23863037d ago

Me too..the only game i thought he was unnecassarily harsh on was arkham knight..just as great as city and asylum imo yet he didnt think so 😐

Chug3037d ago

Seems gamers are split on this game. Some love it, some hate it.

I personally found the beta to be pretty boring and generic so I skipped on it.

InMyOpinion3037d ago

The Division is a 9/10 for me. I'm surprised that it's getting low scores since it's such a well crafted and FUN game.

Was much more disappointed with Fallout 4 which I believe he gave an 8. Unpolished (looks like dog crap), extremely incohesive game design (everything feels like last minute additions), uninteresting plot & missions, yet showered with praise from critics.

Khaotic3037d ago

Exactly, tells you how it is, what is good, what to buy. It's sad people can't think for themselves. He is the epitome of what's wrong with gamers these days.

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Onenyte3036d ago

The fact that people can't see through all the glitz and glam about his reviews just shows how he has his fans in the palm of his hands , and I am not talking in response of this review.

Looking on the outside-in, he is probably the most obnoxious reviewer out there, and instead of being a gamer for the people and giving them what they want, he now just chooses to use his power to review what he wants whenever he wants. I can only name the countless amount of games he should of rightly reviewed but didn't on the fact that it wouldn't cause as much buzz, BloodBorne, Forza 6, Just Cause 3,Dragonball Z Xenoverse, Until Dawn, Gears Of War: UE, Rise of the Tomb Raider and Destiny:Taken King.

Most of those games being sleepers for last year.

It's a coincidence that every game he pretty much does an Angry Rant will get a review though ?

rarely you get a glimpse of his old material in the likes of the Pillars of Eternity Review and even the Godzilla review , back when he actually used to sacrifice his wallet for the gamers who couldn't risk the money on a game they weren't sure of , and that was one of the reasons why i bought Guild Wars 2 , because of his selfless reviews he used to do .

He reviews the games that would arguably cause the most upset and that would be the talk of the internet.

Halo 5
Killzone SF (launch game for ps4 but no review for a XB1 launch game to follow)
Metal Gear
Order 1886

and thats just to name a few

seriously just check his reviews from 2014 and onwards and you can see the gaps where games should be reviewed but never happend

In comparison to his reviews about 3-5 years ago ,he sold out 2014 onwards , that was the year when he rounded up his top 10's with clips from other Youtubers vids and pasting his own opinions on them.

Using someone like him to guide your decision on if a game is right or wrong for you is seriously concerning as he offers nothing constructive and you are missing out on a lot of gems because he says they are good or bad or don't even care about them at all.

kickerz3036d ago

Haha those first couple minutes were hilarious. Sweet looking beanies lol

mikeslemonade3036d ago

I like 5s and harsh reviews. But if your historical scores don't follow the same metrics than your just bad at reviewing. Objectively going with the 7-9.5 scale that almost all meta review scores give, the 5 would be going against that logic. If Division is a 5 then how many games are actually better than Division. There many Devs who couldn't make Divsion. The scale is just that big. It shouldn't be a 5 using the stupid meta logic.

NovaCorps3036d ago

game is shit deal with it already
if there was no embargo crap trust me the game would sell half the units

Unspoken3036d ago

I still think Destiny did this genre better even from the beginning. I was playing it for far longer and the game play was much better plus pvp kept it going.

The Division has potential but there isn't enough content.

Man_Marmalade3036d ago

I don't really care for angry joe too much. I just take my time looking at review sites on here and others' personal opinions on the comment section before I buy most of my games.

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Lonnie183037d ago

Nah game doesn't get boring at all, still having fun playing it since day one...you might just have a short attention span lol.

DashArrivals3037d ago

Short attention span? Child please. I platinumed Bloodborne and The Witness on PS4.

The Division game gets boring. As I said, the CONS far outweigh the PROS. I also said I might pick it up when the game is cheap and includes multiple DLC packs and an overall better experience.

slate913037d ago

He seems like a single player kinda guy. His opinion doesnt surprise me.

WellyUK3037d ago

even for a MP game it's boring and a game where you notice the gameplay pattern a lot shows how dull it is, it's just like Destiny go here kill these mobs get loot rinse repeat that form of gameplay is just utterly boring to a lot of people.

I'm a MP player through and through but The Division just isn't good at being a MP game either. No dedicated PvP or any point in PvPing in the DZ which funnily enough was my complaint on the beta.

DashArrivals3037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

@ slate91,

Fine, I'm going to embarrass myself and tell you that I also friggin' platinumed Destiny... Destiny. I'm not just a single player gamer. Destiny's story is sh*t but the gameplay mechanics are really good and I still smash the raids every week, but I also can see and understand why lots of people don't like it. I will never defend Destiny ever. I hate Bungie aswell, but the shooting mechanics and gameplay are superb.
You can hate the artist but enjoy their paintings. lol

Shiken3037d ago


Division is a quality game and does not get old at all. Your opinion does not equal quality, get over yourself.

That said, I can see where this type of game is not for everyone. I love the game, 8/10 here. The gameplay is fun and solid, but there could have been more to it. Would loved to see something along the lines of raid content that breaks the mold of the traditional TPS mechanics. All in all a good game, but it could be even better. We will see what the DLCs can add later down the road but the base game is well worth 60 bucks.

DashArrivals3037d ago

@ Shiken

You want to grind for beanies, then go ahead. You want to grind for a slightly more powerful version of the same AK-47?
Then go ahead.

I never said my opinion meant anything at all about the game and it's quality. I just said it gets boring. I said from what I've read, at the moment, the game's cons are heavier than it's pros.

IGN shat on the game and a reviewer I trust in Angry Joe shat all over the game's face. I also said, that I might pick it up when the overall experience is better with multiple released DLC's. Much like when Destiny released with all the DLC's including The Taken King.

Shiken3037d ago


Difference of opinions, we shall leave it at that.

On another note, I loled at what you said about Destiny. I gameflied the vanilla version and skipped the two DLCs (did pretty much all there was to do in the base game and sent it back). Then that Taken King bundle came out and I said NOW you get me 60 bucks. Pre ordered it and beat all the Raid and PoE content while it was still relevant, then was set to go full force into Taken King when the content dropped.

We are not so different after all! ;)

Utalkin2me3037d ago


How can you say the game gets boring when you haven't even picked it up yet?

Artemidorus3037d ago

The game got boring on the beta, running around a lifeless city with basic AI and repeated missions.

DashArrivals3037d ago

@ Utalkin2me,

You are right. I've only played the Beta and I won't really know until I've played the full game myself. But I trust Angry Joe and always have and I'm not liking certain things I've been hearing about it. But as I said, I'll probably pick it up after a year or so when lots of things get tweaked and DLCs are out.

@ Shiken,

LOL. I meant what I said about my opinion not meaning anything, because I simply have not played the final game. I'm just going off a reviewer I've always trusted and some things I've read about and heard from friends. But yeah, some other guy said it best, opinions seemed to be a little divided by this game. But the game is a massive success and will be supported for a long time. So maybe I'll jump into the game after a few DLCs.

NovaCorps3036d ago

it is boring so speak for yourself fanboy
darkzone is just pure crap unbalance sh!t

sold this trash after a week...its just that boring

Pongwater3036d ago

"You want to grind for beanies, then go ahead. You want to grind for a slightly more powerful version of the same AK-47?
Then go ahead"

You want to drastically oversimplify, then go ahead.

"The Division game gets boring. As I said, the CONS far outweigh the PROS"

These are your opinions, not facts.

OT - Angry Joe's shtick has earned a lot of heat as usual, I see. Funny stuff, but worthless as a game reviewer imo.