Everything Wrong With The Division

Written by Alex Co:

In this week’s big Friday video, the PlayStation LifeStyle crew talks about everything we didn’t like in Ubisoft’s shared world shooter, The Division.

While The Division managed to get an amazing 8.5 score from us and even cop an Editor’s Choice award. we’re not blind to the game’s faults. On the contrary, now that there’s quite a few staff members who are already at level 30, some of the glaring issues are more pronounced, and that’s what we talk about in our Everything Wrong With The Division video above. And of course, nitpick over stuff since that’s what we do.

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SourtreeDing1913d ago

wow thats serious i feel like all the Journalists rushed the dam review.. and now they keep making these videos..

the game may seem fun at first but thats bc its a brand new game..

i didnt pick this game up because the Beta revealed to me alot of what i didnt like about this game...

empty world,no raids, no strikes.... those were dealbreakers for me..

Monstar1913d ago

Lol, play the full game, its very addictive....from leveling up, gear, clothing, weapons, etc etc.....expecially when with a team. Don't get me started on dark much fun.

The game even has some what of a story mode, unlike destiny.

Aloy-Boyfriend1913d ago

I'll see what you have to say once you reach the end game

InMyOpinion1913d ago

XiKurapikaKurta - By then you have already spent more time with the game than you will with most other games you pay $60 for. And there's still lots of things to do. This "end game content" disappointment seems mostly to apply to The Division and not so much other games.

SourtreeDing1913d ago

lol i know the feeling of collecting, leveling up, and getting new gear trust me i put in over 400 hrs on destiny vanilla alone... i know the addiction but this game just isnt for me...

it just looks boring and uninteresting

Aloy-Boyfriend1913d ago (Edited 1913d ago )

That's because most others games I've played aren't pretending to be an MMO. For a game like this, there has to be variety and an actual PvP mode to keep me playing for months. And there isn't. I find short games to be more enjoyable and focused than this game. Besides TLoU is game I still play since release because of the fun multiplayer. Matches don't feel repetitive because at least players have different options to compete

Pongwater1913d ago

@Kurta - I'm at the end game and still enjoying it very much. I don't think this game pretends to be an MMO any more than Destiny does. Neither is an MMO in any sense of the term imo. They are both shooters with RPG elements that can be played solo or co-op and both have some form of competitive multiplayer. Also imo, the Dark Zone is far more interesting than typical PvP modes.

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wakeNbake1913d ago (Edited 1913d ago )

Yeah once you remove the hype goggles and see the grand scope of the game for what it is, it seems like a huge waste of time.

kraenk121913d ago (Edited 1913d ago )

I don't get that thinking. The game has at least 50 to 100 hours of great fun...for 60 dollars. I don't see the problem at all since the game doesn't have a subscription model.

wakeNbake1913d ago (Edited 1913d ago )


If you're having fun with those 50-100 hours then thats fine, but I personally find shooting wave after wave of the same retarded bullet sponge AIs for hours just so I can get some "collectibles" like clothes I already have in real life, utterly pointless. Theres not even real boss fights for crying out loud.

kraenk121913d ago (Edited 1913d ago )

The fun in the game is in the coop play and PVP. If you don't have friends to play with this is clearly the wrong game for you but this was clear from the start and the Beta already.

guyman1913d ago

@ wakeNbake

Firstly, great name

Secondly, I completely agree. The game feels like it's just "go here and shoot the same looking bullet sponge enemies and free some captives/ collect an item"

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USMC_POLICE1913d ago

I've put in two days and I'm hooked still, now that I'm max rank I do dark zone and help friends reach 30.

averagejoe261913d ago

You're max rank after 2 days?


Pongwater1913d ago

@averagejoe - The game keeps track of hours played on each character, so he probably means 48 hours of game time, which isn't bad at all imo. I'm guessing of course but that's about what it took me to get to lvl 30. Dark Zone rank is a separate thing and I believe max is 99.

thricetold1913d ago

You expected a full game experience, from a BETA? But after reading on I see why. 400 hours in one of the most repetitive games I've ever played. Had more fun in the beta than I did in destiny lol.

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kraenk121913d ago

I sincerely hope they will implement a DayZ like PVP mode on the whole map.

InMyOpinion1913d ago

The second expansion pack will have a Survival mode.

kraenk121913d ago

I read about that but I'm not entirely sure what it means. It sounded like it will be just a harder difficulty mode to me.

Mr_cheese1913d ago

I was addicted to this game to the point where I would spend 8 hours a day after work playing it in the first week, it truly is addictive but not without flaws.

My biggest griefs,

-Segregating the dz by levels. I understand the premise behind this but it ruined the fun for me when others around where at different levels and even when we where in a 4 person group, we couldn't access together. There needs to be some sort of open level zone for groups.

-when you get revived, you should not stand straight back up in the middle of a warning, it should automatically revive and duck into cover if you are next to some

-when restarting after dying in a mission fire fight, you should not be spawned in the.middle of the battle that killed you. This happened a lot, and always almost resulted in a death.

-Shooting from behind cover with no ammo. If you have no ammo and are ducking behind cover and press to fire, he should not stand up and then reload, he should reload seated and then stand.

These are truly little things that I believe will be sorted overtime, especially if people voice them. I still think the game is a good game, especially if you are in a sociable group. It has a lot of room for improvements but it also does a lot of things right.

Playable_Gamez1913d ago

It's funny that he gave the game 8.5/10 but all of his complaints about the game make it seem much lower than that.

These complaints are not even nitpicks they are huge problems.

Pongwater1913d ago

It goes both ways. Listening to IGN's review made me wonder why the actual score was as low as it was.

nitus101913d ago

The problem with scoring by man game critics is if the game is supposed to AAA then 7 plus or minus 1 is considered an average score which leaves very few points to allocate to differentiate between what is considered average to what is considered legendary.

darksky1913d ago (Edited 1913d ago )

I played the beta for a while but quickly got bored when all I was doing was running to various waypoints and killing bullet sponge enemies on the way. There were no vehicles to driver or fight against either. If that is all the game has to offer then what is the point?

kraenk121913d ago (Edited 1913d ago )

Have you played with a group of friends?! There is your point.

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