PlayStation Flash Sale Now: Deals from the Vault

Posted by Andy Yen on Mar 18, 2016 // Digital Commerce Manager, Sony Network Entertainment
Hi everyone! Spring is right around the corner, and we’re getting a fresh start on the season with up to 90 percent off rarely discounted titles, as part of our Deals from the Vault Flash Sale. Starting now, save big on games like Peggle 2 Magical Masters Edition, Ride, Sword Art Online RE Hollow Fragment, as well as movies like Chappie and more.

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2pacalypsenow3049d ago

wow all 3 fatal frame games for .99 cents each

DarkBlood3048d ago

are you freaking serious? *goes check*

Griever3048d ago

Not a good flash sale for PS4 owners. Nothing worth buying :-(

Zarock3048d ago

Didn't find them on the PS4 store.

ASBO-53048d ago

Ha!! That's the 3 games I went for also!! Good call 2pac!

akurtz3048d ago

C&C Red Alert and MoH Frontline! nostalgia

Castlevania3048d ago

Great sale. It's cool that they have a few of the Prince of Persias; I just wish they had Sands of Time and the 2008 game in the sale as well. Also, I just bought CounterSpy and I've been playing it for a few hours. I highly recommend it :)

Kakmandu3048d ago

hey, I wonder if it is also in EU playstation store?

donwel3048d ago

Unlikely, we don't really get flash sales. Though we do get some fairly good discounts every now and then.