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"At Sony's PSVR showcase event during GDC, we had some time to experience the console VR technology for the first time. Here are our observations."

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skyrock947d ago

I bet this person gets car sick and sea sea sick easil and he must be very sensitive person. Lot of Oculus dk2 owner were mind blowing play Project Cars,Asseto Corsa racing game. I owned dk2 and i can sense the realism of driing because i can sense the real size of driving road and field of depth can help me judge when to hit the brake when cornering.

Eonjay947d ago

Please correct me if I am wrong but he is saying that he felt uneasy because the resolution in the background was too low for him to determine which way to go. If Evolution needs to make those sacrifices to keep it 60, then fine, but they still need to then find other ways to make the direction more apparent. Like arrows that point in the direction of the upcoming turn.

Other then that a rave review for PSVR overall.

dirkdady947d ago

His description of the until dawn VR game sounds really fun with legit boss fights.

SpinalRemains138946d ago (Edited 946d ago )


I still imagine a VR boss fight in a Souls or Bloodborne game.

I know we aren't there yet with PSVR, but can you imagine how incredible it would be to look up and pan your enemy by moving your head?

I may ruin my drawers.

Null947d ago

I read hands-on and thought we're going to get technical breakdown of what he saw, but what I got instead was a review of three games that aren't even out yet.

Lamboomington947d ago

Not a review of three games, a hands on preview.

DivineAssault 946d ago (Edited 946d ago )

When will the basic pre orders for this go live? All i see is a March 22 date for a $500 bundle that i dont need.. I have the other accessories already..

On topic, you cant previews seriously on something that is months away from release and patches..