Playstation VR Preview And Driveclub VR Footage | jeuxvideos

In this video 2 French reporters talk about their impressions of the sony VR event at GDC, yes it's in French but it has a lot of footage of driveclub VR which now has working mirrors.

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Krangs_Uncle2752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )

Awesome! Hoping the lowering of detail etc to reach 60fps with VR isn't too drastic, although I'm sure the immersion with it being VR will more than make up for that.

Sony is getting some serious backing with titles set to release on VR.

Gearing up for GT Sport though.

Neonridr2752d ago

To be honest, I think photorealistic graphics, while nice, aren't required to enjoy VR.

Driveclub looked so beautiful before that even with a few sacrifices the game will still look really good regardless.

DashArrivals2751d ago

I want to try that tank game BattleZone... that would prove you don't need the best graphics to have a great experience in VR.

aerisbueller2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

Got an Oculus DK2 off of ebay a month and a half ago and you're right. The framerate and head tracking matters more than anything else for feeling like you're there. Being able to stick your head all the way out your car window and look at the side of your car or the street isn't really going to be used while you're playing much, but when you it works it's incredible, and when it doesn't it's either disappointing and fake feeling, or motion sickness inducing.

Then hand tracking and positional audio add a ridiculous amount more immersion and presence. And after the basic bases are covered, then every bit of visual realism helps, especially realistic lighting and shadow. For instance - wanting to cover your face from a sudden beam of sunlight, or the overwhelming feeling you're under something when the shadows are convincing.

But if it looks terrible, eventually you get used to the immersion and say 'great, it feels like I'm really in this crappy looking world'. Again, that's still amazing the first couple dozen times you feel like you're really in a crappy looking fake world, but after the amazingness wears off and you've tried a bunch of VR, your graphical standards come back. At that point it doesn't have to be realistic, but you want it to at least be stylistically pretty, and crappy textures, aliasing or low detail lighting (if it's bad enough to stand out) and effects start to be much more noticeable.

A good example is OctoDad, it isn't going to win graphics of the year, but nothing stands out as ugly, and it's basically aesthetically cohesive and pretty. Visually that world would still be fun to VR around in, but go to a genuinely ugly game like bubsy3d (couldn't think of a modern ugly game off the top of my head), and the novelty of immersion doesn't make up for it at all.

dennigo2751d ago

sorry about the spelling error footage

Retroman2751d ago (Edited 2751d ago )

U wrote this article dennigo??
seem like u copy & paste it, forgot to correct "fottage" .

dennigo2751d ago

i didn't copy paste i just found this video on YouTube and added a description to it on this site, did i do something wrong?

and no i miswrote footage but now that it's approved i don't know how to edit i.

i got it from @yosp twitter

Retroman2751d ago

it's all good dennigo, was wondering did you miss the spelling.
im not here to heckle you like rest of them.


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