On 10 Years Of Loving Platinum Games

Written by Kenneth Richardson:

Having recently come off a second play through of one of 2014’s top titles Bayonetta 2, I feel highly inclined to offer some sort of thanks or a tangible token of appreciation to what has become, without equal, my favorite modern developer.

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PixelGateUk1916d ago

Bayonetta will always be my favourite. Insane amount of fun

Germany71916d ago

It's really difficult to choose my favorite game from them, i really love Bayonetta games and Vanquish.

Platinum Games are awesome.

miyamoto1916d ago

Vanquish and Metal Gear Rising were so much fun!

Can't wait for NieR Automata and the Ninja Turtles!!!

Rookie_Monster1916d ago

Can't wait for Scalebound!!

blackblades1916d ago

I would love another god hand it was like the 1st game from them I played.

Darkfist1916d ago

god hand and okami were the only good games they made when they were know as Clover.

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