Dual Pixels Exclusive: Nintendo NX Controller Leaked Photo

A new source exclusive to Dual Pixels, who also reached out this time for us on Reddit, has informed us to share this exciting news. Dual Pixels would like to publish what we label as a "leak" of the controllers of Nintendo's next generation.

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LOL_WUT1810d ago

More touch screen nonsense? Gah, Nintendo i'm disappoint! So much for a traditional controller ;)

-Foxtrot1810d ago (Edited 1810d ago )

Imagine how much that is going to cost on its own. I can't see them offering them in shops like the Game Pad. Then you have third party devs which, just like the Game pad, will not want to waste development time on a multiplatform game to add features for it.

Again it's probably fake but if it was true good lord Nintendo.

Is there actually any physical "A, B, X, Y" buttons on it or are they crappy touch ones like a mobile.

I don't see how people could defend Nintendo this time if this turns out to be true.

darthv721810d ago

Imagine how much to replace if someone throws it in a fit of rage like hipster gamers do.

Rayven1810d ago (Edited 1810d ago )

Yeah. I thought the NX will have great 3rd party support based on another rumor in the past. But if this is its controller, I don't see how games like Fallout 4 or even Call of Duty could be played.

Come on Nintendo, stop trying to force trends and start thinking more about functionality.

Although I do doubt that this is really the NX's controller, I'm no expert but I don't think an almost pure touch screen controller could survive through initial testing. With mechanical buttons you don't have to look at the controller since you can feel the buttons, but with touch screen, that's impossible.

Griever1810d ago (Edited 1810d ago )

It looks kind of real... I can see the B button in its correct position but I cannot see the A, X, and Y buttons. You can also see a tiny LED display showing some kind of counter in green/red color near cord connector. I can see the numbers. The other end of the cord is censored so as to not reveal what it is connected to. There is also a bumper/trigger on the left side. You can see the bulge and curve. I think I also see 2 speaker slits and a camera in the white portion under the B button. However, why is most of the face all chrome plated/colored??

Finally, it looks almost exactly like the patent filed by Nintendo itself which can either mean that it is real or that somebody copied it exactly for a hoax. Looks quite detailed and real to me but who knows. People can pull off some quite detailed hoaxes to gain attention.

freshslicepizza1810d ago (Edited 1810d ago )

looks like someone just took the patent and mocked up their own controller. terrible. why would you have buttons in the screen taking away from what you can see? it's like a bad android/ios screen.

BenRage31810d ago

What about the rumors that this system is implementing 3d tactile rendering on the touch screen? Wouldn't that mean that this controller could create a traditional button layout like a standard controller?

UltraNova1810d ago

It looks..dysfunctional? Maybe it has a retractable thingy underneath with buttons?

God I don't like this if it ends up being real.


Lets not forget they will be aiming for the 300 dollar mark...

mikeslemonade1810d ago

I'm leaning towards of that being fake.

bouzebbal1810d ago

before your doom opinions, wait until we see what NX trully is.
tbh i like the "different" approach Nintendo gives their consoles.
I find no excitment in buying a console to play the same games as on the console i already own. difference is great.

naruga1810d ago (Edited 1810d ago )

why nintendo are doing this to their selves ? are completely clueless ..who the damn is convenient to look at his controller when he plays games?? Havent the Wii U example gave you a good demo that having a screen on your controller is by default a fail ?? if it is true is lame and except the first hyped sales will sink immediately also if it isnt and they choose a conventional controller like the others they already have lost precious time on the market with PS4 just dominating the place ..i really cnt think smthing good that could happen for Nintend right now ..and i m for those who i see (i mtrying to) positively and even spend money on every Nintendo home console

DC7771810d ago

Obviously fake. You can see the true logo for what it is blacked out.

Looks like a remote for something with poor black box/green screen/photo shopped overlay on top.

Whymii1810d ago

It does have 4 physical buttons. They're labelled F, A , K, E.

mcstorm1809d ago

@Griever I can see some form of buttons to. I winder if they are under the screen but maybe raised. Hard to tell from this pic though. I am going to call this fake or not something Nintendo are looking at releasing or I would hope not as I am not sure what to think of it.

darthv721809d ago

What if... (and this is a big "what if") the buttons were on the back?

When you hold a controller, generally it's your thumbs that do all the face button work. But in this case your thumbs deal only with the sticks on the top. thus leaving your fingers to be positioned to press buttons that would be on the back.

It would be a tad weird at first but if you really think about how you hold a controller... your fingers could be put to use besides shoulder / trigger buttons.

Necr0philiac1809d ago

I agree with you but I think this pic is a fake. If it did have most of the buttons on the back of it i do think that would be a big game changer.You would be able to use all your fingers at the same time and have a lot quicker response time instead of 2 fingers and to thumbs. It would be the closest a controller could come to competing with a mouse and keyboard. It would be great for playing Mario Party or fighting games. Plus it has touch screen ,this would be an amazing controller!

Derpy1809d ago

I have to agree. I actually like the Wii U tablet-controller, but it does have real buttons. I don't think I'd like this thing at all as I hate touch screen buttons for main control use. For maps and menus or typing it's fine, but when jumping or attacking I want the precision that only real buttons can offer. Thankfully this is probably fake.

Utalkin2me1809d ago


Havent heard to many people or seen anything on people throwing the WiiU controller.

Necr0philiac1809d ago

I agree.Throwing controllers in the Nes,Snes era was more common. Old controllers could take a beating and still work good. Now days controllers are 3x as expensive and break easy. I won't throw a $50 controller but god damn it i drop my Xbox one controller all the time!It is too slippery smooth especially when i have been drinking.

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gangsta_red1810d ago ShowReplies(15)
pcz1810d ago (Edited 1810d ago )

it looks really fake.

who is going to want what is basically going to be a glorified game boy with a hdmi out?

dont get me wrong, the device will obviously sell to fans, i might even be interested, but im a nintendo fan. but from a mass consumer appeal point of view? no, i really dont think the NX is what people want.

-Foxtrot1810d ago

If it fails then that's it it's over. They can't just rely on their handhelds forever things will get even more stale quickly and most of their franchises play better on the big screen.

They'll go the way of SEGA

I'm just scared instead of making games for Sony/Microsoft they'll be stubborn and make exclusive games for mobile.

DopeTech1810d ago

It doesn't look fake, look at the patent that was registered by Nintendo back then, IT LOOKS REAL, and that sucks, I'll just stick to my XB1/PS4/PC, Nintendo is out of gaming.

Mr_Writer851810d ago

I agree it looks fake, there is nothing about this picture that doesn't scream photoshop, the pad itself looks at least it's made, but the "touch screen" looks photoshopped to me.

Lilrizky1810d ago

But isn't that what the NX has been touted as for ages?

MoveTheGlow1810d ago (Edited 1810d ago )

@pcz Agreed that it's a fake. The proportions look out of whack, the build looks shoddy, the screen looks like it's a laminated photo... no. Look at that black button on the bottom! That is a black iPhone/iPad home button. No way. This guy wasn't even trying.

Re: everyone else, patents are there to make sure someone else doesn't take their idea. They're not final design docs, and they shouldn't be; heck, they're often descriptions of tech that never makes it into the system.

No one with a shred of foresight would "tout" that patent as the real deal. Someone just took that patent and replicated the sketches. It's a sham and a half. A ShamWow, if you will.

Ratty1809d ago


Pretty sure they'll stick to handheld if it fails. Hell, the NX could be handheld for all we know. But I agree it'll suck if they go mobile.

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gangsta_red1810d ago ShowReplies(7)
1810d ago
BrandanT1810d ago

Why dies it look like there's a censor block at the top of the image?

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joab7771810d ago

The only way this is good is if the system itself (if there is one) is more powerful than the PS4 (or equal), has a traditional controller, and this is your ability to take any console on the go immediately.

For exmaple. I am playing Dark Souls 3 and it looks as good as PS4 but has shorter load times. I got 5 minutes b4 I gotta bounce. Wait. I just unplug this baby, pause the game and bring it with me. Then, on my car ride, I keep playing.

sorenx1808d ago

how does one drive and play a game? stay off the road please im now afraid.

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Bathyj1810d ago

Ugh, really. What am I even looking at? Is that a rear view mirror with analogue sticks?

Zeref1810d ago

I'm confused..what is this shit?

marloc_x1810d ago (Edited 1810d ago )

So, where do controllers go from here then?

Shaking maracas with a headset on?
Oh's not forced on you, I see!

You are expecting to still be pushing a cursor with a stick through menus and entering text at 8 words per minute next gen?

3-4-51810d ago

The patent drawing it's based on had grips...this doesn't.

I doubt this is the final controller.

endi1231810d ago

The new lol controller, lol

wheresmymonkey1810d ago

It's a handheld hybrid. it wouldn't just be the pad. That's the entire console.

Also it's not a tradiditonal touch screen. it uses haptic feedback to actually feel like buttons when you touch it where it needs to.

if the reports are to be believed. But just looking at those shots i can tell you its fake. the shadows are odd, and the light spot from what i asuume is the flash on the controller is in the exact same spot on both pictures/

Finally patent applications never end up looking the same as the real thing.

deafdani1809d ago (Edited 1809d ago )

"Both pictures" are the same picture, bro. They just rotated it.


Anyway, I agree that it looks fake as hell, but not because of "shadows" or whatever. If this is a photoshop / photo mock up, it's pretty damn well done, and I say this as a graphic designer myself. The only thing that looks a bit out of place is the angle of the power cord to me, and that could just be because the device isn't perfectly flat, but sort of convex.

But no, it looks fake as hell simply because it's a carbon copy of that patent Nintendo filed months ago. Final products never look exactly the same as the pictures in a patent, lol. That is a huge red flag is there was ever one.

jcnba281810d ago

You actually believe this? Lol

-Foxtrot1809d ago

I said multiple times it probably wasn't and "if"

Next time read before posting silly replies

XanderZane1809d ago

Oh hell no. "You will say 'Wow'"? I don't think so. This controller isn't wireless? I'm hoping and praying this is a fake image.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1809d ago (Edited 1809d ago )

Of course it's fake.
It Unreal Engine 4 tech demo displayed and you can clearly see the B button slightly transparent.

But one button no D-Pad.

This is probably someone trying to pass as a leak after witnessing the Patent that Nintendo had.

The dang analog stick look really terrible as well and copy and paste.

1809d ago
Ratty1809d ago

It's... Pretty bad. I hope it's fake for Nintendo's sake and ours. IMO they should stick with the Wii U gamepad. I like it. It could use some improvement but it's a good direction.

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ninsigma1810d ago

I can't make sense of the face of it. What's going on there??

RIPWiiU1810d ago

Looks like its a camera on screen and from the looks of it its being streamed from somewhere else like maybe the console or a cellphone.

Anyways it looks poopie

ninsigma1809d ago

Definitely looks strange. Can't say I think it's a good controller from the screenshot. Might not be real anyway. I'll keep all judgement till the full reveal.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1809d ago (Edited 1809d ago )

No the image is from it Unreal Engine 4 Tech Demo.

Not the exact moment but here:

Playable_Gamez1810d ago

Im sorry but that better not be the controller.

Double_O_Revan1810d ago

It looks futuristic. It looks innovative. It looks stupid....

KwietStorm_BLM1810d ago

It looks like a 2D Football.

deafdani1809d ago (Edited 1809d ago )

This made me chuckle. Did you come up with that yourself, or is it a reference to something?

Either way, love that phrase. Have a funny bubble. :_)

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WeAreLegion1810d ago

I'm calling BS on this one. Just complete BS.

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ChickenOfTheCaveMan1810d ago

I agree, that can't be real, they can't be that dumb. That looks designed by somebody who's been in the coma since the 70s, woke up and tries to catch up by using all today's technology in one thing but kept his flavor. The car Homer Simpson designed wasn't even that ugly.

On flaw of the Wii U was that you had that small screen to look at while you could look at your 60' instead, and now they would put even more screen on the controller. Duh.

I refuse to think this is it.

sk8ofmnd1809d ago (Edited 1809d ago )

But what if this is the reveal for the handheld successor to the 3ds? In that light it looks pretty cool to me...

Standalone nx controller? For the mother of god please no! In no way shape or form should a *consoles* controller be the most expensive thing. Make 50$ controller like everyone else and put money towards beefing up the innards LIKE EVERYONE ELSE! Orr you will hear the cries of millions of people laughing their asses off E3 June 14th 😼.

SegaGamer1810d ago

I agree, i just can't believe that is the controller, it looks terrible. This has got to be fake.

slate911810d ago (Edited 1810d ago )

Nintendo, I aint got time for all that.