Tekken 5 DR In PS3 Store In Japan - USA Workaround

For those of you who do not know, Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection is now available in the PS3 store for download, but only to those users who live in Hong Kong and Japan. Well, here is how you USA PS3 owners can get your very own copy.

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Raiyel5240d ago

Hey dudes... Unfortunately for me I can't download the Tekken Demo as I can't add Funds to my PS3 Japanese account as I don't have a Jap credit card.

If someone has this game and is willing to share it with me send me a PM on the PSN my PS3 username is 'GaryOldman' without the quotes of course...

I will send you 5.00 via Paypal for your efforts, thanks and take care!