Next free EA Origin deal will be Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault

Electronic Arts has announced on the official "On the House" page that the next game to be given away for free will be 2004's acclaimed shooter Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault.

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ritchi453015d ago

Such a classic. I remember my PC back when this came out couldn't handle loading it (very old pc back then). be nice to actually get to play and finish this.
Don't suppose EA could add the other MoH titles also? :)

JonahFalcon3015d ago

I'm guessing you're hinting around at Allied Assault.

ritchi453015d ago

Exactly. Including both expansion packs

Iceball20003015d ago

Oh my god! No way Iv always wanted to play this again, on of the best MOH games, I hope this is updated to work on Win10


Legendary shooter Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault is now free through EA Access

EA Access is EA’s Netflix-like subscription service which gives you access to a few free games which are permanent additions to The Vault alongside other discounts. Every month, one or two games are added which people love. Medal of Honor is just one of those series because many remember it fondly from their childhoods.

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Zjet2555d ago

Cool but i would rather buy it on good old games, DRM Free