Umbra-lievable! Backers Get Extra Rewards For Wolcen, And Are Upset About It

Stephanie Smith writes: "Well, Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem will be releasing on Early access for a lower than expected price of $20. Unfortunately, one of their reward tiers (APPRENTICE) pledged $25 to gain Early Access. To compensate the change in price the developers upped the rewards for their backers including access to the Alpha for APPRENTICE level backers and an exclusive item with weapon pack. Despite the fact the difference is only $5, there are a few backers who are very displeased."

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garyanderson1960d ago

Backers need to realize that reward tiers aren't meant to be a discount, but rather a nice incentive for backing.

yomfweeee1960d ago

I don't think that is the issue here. They paid for a higher-price reward tier that was supposed to give "early access". The developer has now decided everyone will get early access.

So they basically paid more for no reason. Why shouldn't they be upset?

Lon3wolf1959d ago

The price changed and they were offered something for it, what should the developer of offered instead?

yomfweeee1959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

Easy, a $5 refund somehow. Does it matter that it is only $5?

What if a KS offered a game for $30. Game + Expansion Pass for $60.

After the campaign closes, they decide that they will just give the Expansion to everyone for free.

Is that still acceptable? I would hope you would say it isn't.

Lon3wolf1959d ago

That money was likely already spent on developing the game, and also they would have to compensate every tier of backers if they offered $5 back to EVERYONE who backed it (myself included) not just the $25 backers.

yomfweeee1959d ago

I don't really care if its already been spent. They basically tricked people into paying an extra $5 for no reason. That's wrong.

You can't advertise a certain reward if you spend more, but then give the reward to everyone. That is dumb.

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Gedes1960d ago

They paid for early access. They get early access. Unless they want to carry an elitist "I was part of early access" mentality, I don't see the issue. Having more early access folks means having more people find issues with the final game.