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There’s definitely some decent meat to chew on in The Division, but it’s usually surrounded by too much gristle to enjoy it for long. Both in combat and out, there are some clearly good ideas, especially the tense and dangerous Dark Zone. But they’re not spread evenly or interwoven cleanly enough to form a cohesive, consistently enjoyable loop. Ultimately, The Division’s overly busy, conflicted design philosophies drown its best ingredients in a bland slurry that never quite comes together into a cohesive dish.

DashArrivals3040d ago (Edited 3040d ago )

Ohhh SNAP !!! Regardless of this score, the game is a raging success. They need more end-game content though, ASAP.

Abash3040d ago

Ubisoft must be really happy that a review like this was posted more than a week after launch, won't hurt the game's success at all

4Sh0w3040d ago (Edited 3040d ago )

Oh daaaayum, a 6.7 seems low from what I've heard....but after watching vids I've always wondered if the game would get stale quickly.

Skate-AK3040d ago (Edited 3040d ago )

That is what happens when you have an embargo that runs until launch on a Online-only game. Ubisoft did that on purpose. Sure other sites got their review out the same day or shortly after but honestly, I feel you should play the game for a week before reviewing it. Depending on the length of the game of course. For example, The Order 1886 wouldn't take long to review but a game like The Divison has much more content to cover.

Aeery3039d ago

A great review for those who hate the game ...
A bad review for those who love the game ...


Btw, this game is fun if you love cover based shooter or co-op games.
Come on IGN score is pretty hipster ... Seriously guys 6.7 ?!

Never change IGN, you still are pretty dull all around :D

rdgneoz33039d ago

"That is what happens when you have an embargo that runs until launch on a Online-only game"

There was no embargo. Their servers launched the day before the game went live, and you can't log on when servers are not online. A day is not long enough to get a review out in time, let alone fight in the DZ with a full group of people to work with or against, or try out most instances / hard modes or such.

thekhurg3039d ago

I don't think they care. Servers are packed everyday and people actually playing it and not trolling the internet after having a blast.

frostypants3039d ago

How can someone provide an objective review of an online game when there's hardly anyone online? This isn't a conspiracy people. It's common sense.

Morgue3039d ago (Edited 3039d ago )

While your comment makes sense to the 60 people who agreed with you or the individuals that have been enjoying the game, it is only one persons opinion and even if that opinion does come from IGN. I am pretty sure there are other people who own this and may feel the same way but don't run a gaming site so their voice will only be heard in comment sections and will in turn get bashed for disliking it or agreeing with said review.

I myself haven't been really following this game, didn't play the beta and watched one twitch feed and the game " kind of " just seemed boring but I don't know maybe it is good. The thing is online only MP games are not really my thing yet I'm not gonna agree with score because I'll never play it.

Unspoken3039d ago

How's it final if he didn't play the upcoming raid?

Also, was he really hungry when he finished writing this piece?

AngelicIceDiamond3039d ago (Edited 3039d ago )

Wait a minute he gave a Destiny a 7.8 and this game a 6.7. He knocked out points for Destiny for weak story and LACK RPG ELEMENTS but made up for it in gameplay and visuals.

Lol ok so how the hell does Destiny get away with lack of story and lack of RPG elements and yet score nearly and 8? But yet The Division has deep RPG elements and a story that at least attempts to keep you engaged and uncover interesting intel about what has happened in the game, and give players insight to everything and yet still score just shy of a 7?

"Static World" right because Destiny's world was ever evolving and changing.

I agree feeling empty Destiny world does have randoms inhabiting the world that you can team up with randomly I feel like its kind of a trade off because you can Matchmake in real time unlike Destiny.

"Repetitive" Destiny put a whole new meaning to repetition....

He complains about the game not rewarding you enough woooooooooow this game unlike Destiny rewards you accordingly its not anything super crazy but you get rewarded and rewards are hell of a lot easier to attain than Destiny.

The main gripes is the fact Destiny lacked story and RPG elements and yet still score way higher than TD despite the fact TD has both even outfits and close are done better and you can craft.

Vince Ingenito needs to stop reviewing, like now.

SonyWarrior3039d ago

this score is more than fair. i canceled my preorder after playing the beta got boring real quick... i would have gave it a 5/10

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MRMagoo1233040d ago

I can bet people won't stick around long enough to see that new content .....the game is as bland as porridge with water.

xX-oldboy-Xx3040d ago

Not really - I think the encounters in the dark zone are extremely tense and require a little planning. Great fun for me and my mates. What works for me doesn't necessarily work for others. That's all good, but there is fun to be had.

Omeganex99993039d ago

Destiny would like to prove you wrong, my friend.

UltraNova3039d ago


What Destiny proves is that people actually like porridge with water..No?

Perjoss3039d ago

People said the same thing about Destiny and that game is doing fine.

zidane13413039d ago

in your opinion. you know how many level 30 friends i have? about 5. theyve all had a blast and are happy to do endgame unlike destiny. this is the most fun ive had on my console in a long time, sorry hater. by the way how many games hsve been like this?0. so its hardly bland.

turdburgler10803039d ago

The guy who reviewed this game gave evolve a 9 out of 10 so he's not exactly IGN's best hitter.

dmeador3039d ago

I rated my time with the Alpha about a 6, and got a million people who haven't played it on my case saying I was crazy. For me it was enough to know I wouldn't really like it, and all the things this review hits on were the same things I had an issue with then.

It all comes down to if you like it play it, if you dont.... dont, haha.

Seraphim3039d ago

no doubt. I can definitely see a group sticking with it but a vast majority will dump this game in no time. After a week of milking play I'm a bit bored with what it offers. Typical Ubisoft repetitive Encounters, Missions are weak and few, Side Missions aren't terrible but again, repetitive, small map. This game doesn't have half the legs Destiny has. Plus technical problems. Lag popping up, tons of pop in all week. It's not a terrible game, it is fun and a decent game it's just flawed and terribly dull.

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OpieWinston3040d ago

Challenge modes are solid end game for now.
First raid hits in April.
Second raid in May.

All raids are free updates. But this is IGN, they probably got destroyed in Challenge modes. (Bare in mind I didn't see them show any footage of Challenge mode in that video)

TheSaint3039d ago

How is something free when you've already paid for it?

All this is is delayed content wrapped up to look like they are giving you something.

zidane13413039d ago

because just because we bought this game doesnt mean we arenbow entitled to all future content being free. at least they are throwing out content for all very soon, theyve been open about it and have talked about a lot of future free content. how can you seriously look at it and go "well ive bought the game" so im seriously entitled for the developers to not get anything for there hard work, those filthy workers." thats pretty rude thesaint.

zidane13413039d ago

@thesaint, yeah they purposely kept extra content back, real smart logic your using.

n4rc3039d ago

Its free because it wasn't in the game you bought and you won't be charged for it.. Kind of a simple concept no?

Its content held back while they launch the core game and handle those more pressing issues first? Or it simply wasn't ready yet or needed some changes based on launch data..

Hell.. I'd bet the vast majority of users aren't even 30 to begin worrying and endgame

Maszko3039d ago

Seems like people are obsessed with dogging games because they "don't give us the content in the game that should've been included in the base game." It seems to me that this is a lot of people's first mmo. Where you release the base game/expansion with a hard dungeon difficulty where you can get good gear and they give you some time to build up your really good gear before they release the very hard raids and it builds your excitement and helps the grind when you're thinking about how you need the best challenge mode gear to be able to even think about being helpful in the raids. They didn't include it on purpose, so people can actually play the game and get the good challenge mode gear BEFORE you dive into the end game content all at once. They're giving EVERYONE a chance to hit 30 and at least get some decent gear for the new raids. Just like every mmo.