Study: PS3 to Lead Console Wars

A Dublin-based market research firm says that the PlayStation 3 will eventually lead the new console wars.

The launch of the PS3 hasn't been exactly an easy-going affair, but Research and Markets says that Sony's videogame brand can still hold its own.

In an abstract of the study, "The Transforming Global Video Games Market: The Emergence of Next Generation Gaming," the research firm says that the PS3 will enjoy an install base of 75 million consoles worldwide by 2010, outdoing the Xbox 360 and Wii.

Still, Research and Markets doesn't expect the PS3 to thrash the competition as badly as the PS2 did to its rivals "due to late launch issues in the PAL region and the early lead of Microsofts Xbox 360."

The PS2 sold over 105 million units worldwide as of March 2006, six years after its March 2000 debut in Japan.

The research firm didn't release its global hardware projections for the Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360 in the abstract.

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T-Virus5241d ago

I think this generation it's going to be a DEAD heat between all 3 consoles. Possible 360 lead, but if so - not much at all.

Alymon5241d ago

If I had to predict market share:

40% Sony
35% MS
25% Nintendo

Juevani5241d ago

these numbers could be possible but u never know what Sony is cooking remember PS2 time it started slow and then bang PS2 is something for its own.

THAMMER15241d ago

The Sony brand name has alot of power. My personal opinion is that it will not happen unless they drop the price to $300.00 or offer a sku with out the Blue Ray drive for $250.00.

Alymon5241d ago

They can't offer one without Blu-ray. All of their games are Blu-Ray format. That's like saying MS should offer a 360 with HD-DVD built in or Blu-Ray built in. It makes no sense.

THAMMER15241d ago

The games could be on DVD's. That why I said my opinion. But Sony is Pushing blue ray too hard. So just calm down.

r10005241d ago

Call me crazy... but the concept of DVD is just not "Next Gen" anymore...

relax before you start getting all crazy... all i'm saying MS & Sony are pushing the whole Next gen thing.. and DVD format is not next gen.

I know DVD's still have alot of life in them but Sony's whole point was being cutting edge.

Captain Tuttle5241d ago

Competition breeds innovation. Xbox Live came about because Microsoft needed something to set it apart from Sony. Who knows what will come up in the future. It's a good time to be a gamer.

Maldread5241d ago

would`ve had it otherwise

Alymon5241d ago

Who's not calm? How can you tell my mood? They can't switch to DVD after the fact. That would be Sony saying "Oh wait... we wanted to do Blu-Ray, but we realized it wasn't necessary. We were wrong... don't buy the $600 Blu-Ray machine that can play games... by the new cheaper DVD version for $300 that can't play any of the first developed titles because they are on Blu-Ray."

It doesn't make sense. No console has ever switched media formats after release because it would alienate all of the customer base that already purchased the original units.

Your opinion is counter-intuitive. It defies logic. Sure reducing the price might help increase the number of early adopters of the system, but changing media formats at this stage would do nothing but cause more strain on Sony's name. You based your argument off of Sony being able to dominate the market because of their brand name power and then provided a "solution" that would hurt their name image.

kingboy5241d ago

Even nintendo found sony`s idea to use Cd disc and not cartridges as media for ps1 games a crazy idea.Dvd on a console was considered a crazy idea too..why not blu ray?Sony just has that ability to look deep into the future more than it`s rivals.Price is just what`s bringing in all these negativity,ones that thing gets it`s first price cut i bet you we gonna hear a different story

kewlkat0075241d ago

Why not blue-ray you ask?

There was major Pros for switching to CD-rom based gaming system as opposed to a cartidge at the time. For whatever reasons nintendo did not want to switch was never really known..

"Sony had a more streamlined distribution system and publishers could buy CD-ROMs at low manufactured prices, with short delivery times. Sony likened their game discs to hamburgers: "Cheap, fast and hot"."

Cartridges just was not the same to produce and took longer to assemble and program.

Now with Blue-Ray going against a DVD-rom or HD-DVD disk, its the exact opposite. Blue-Ray cost much more to maufacture and distribute unlike CD-Roms, DVD-roms or HD-DVD. Nevermind the Diod issue that crippled the PS3's launch numbers. So Why would you choose blue-ray again?

DJ5241d ago

Nintendo stuck with the cartridge format because it had faster load times than CDs, and was more durable.

Blu-ray only costs ten cents more per disc to manufacture than DVD, and HD-DVD is somewhere in the middle. These discs aren't even worth a quarter in terms of physical value, but are sold at $20~30. Sony looks towards the future and embraces it, not for their sake but for the benefit of game developers. Without Blu-ray, there wouldn't be much to separate the PS3 from the 360, and the need for HD content for games has already pushed DVDs to the brink of extinction.

Some argue that since the Final Fantasy series on Playstation 1 used 4 CDs that the use of multiple discs two generations later should be fine. How dead wrong they are.

Imagine playing Grand Theft Auto, shooting, shanking, and bring chainsaws down on guys only to have a screen pop up saying "Please load Disc 3".

You casually walk over, open the tray, replace the disc, close the tray, walk back, and press OK. Then about 3 minutes later you finish the task and have to travel back to another part of the city. Oops, gotta get up and repeat all six steps.

Now imagine doing that every 5~10 minutes. Suddenly wish it was on Blu-ray disc, huh? If they do manage to put it all on one DVD, they'd have to sacrifice a bunch of valuable content including everything from in-game models to entire story sequences.

8 GB vs. 50 GB

There's just no comparison.

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