(Video) Linux Running On Xbox 360

Apparently a German hacker managed to get Linux running on an Xbox 360 console. Real or fake - what are your thoughts?

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T-Virus5241d ago

This is horribly fake. I could do it!

Caxtus7505240d ago (Edited 5240d ago )

they never said it wasnt a dvd. All they said was that its coming soon.

The title is wrpng. there was nothing about it being done. Just that it may be coming. FUTUTRE!!!!

BAd title!

MicroGamer5241d ago

There is no way of knowing for certain that the 360 was actually outputting the images to the projector. They could have just plugged the 360 in and turned it on so you saw the green lights and had a DVD player or a PC providing the images that were displayed on the screen.

The images imply that both Linux and MacOS are possible on the 360. If someone has come out with a way to port MacOS X to the 360, I will be buying another one to mod and try it out.

ThaTeflonDon5241d ago

I've never seen it take 4 people to hook up an Xbox 360 ...that was just funny as hell to me and it was so suspect. I think its fake!

calderra5241d ago

The rest of the world can't even begin to get anywhere near running homebrew code on the 360, yet these guys are booting Linux? Doubt it.

Even if it was real, they'd have released their info back at the stage where they got into the system AT ALL- as that alone would have been massive news.

RoadToRuin5240d ago

wow! a couple of logos! thats sold me! definately proof of linux on the xbox 360!!
I mean theres no way that could have just been a dvd running in the 360!

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The story is too old to be commented.