Lite-on to become second HD-DVD producer for Xbox 360

According to the Chinese newspaper EDN (Economic Daily New), Lite-on will be the second company that will produce HD-DVD addons for the Xbox 360. Currently Toshiba is already producing the very same piece of hardware.

It seems that Microsoft wants to assure it will have enough addons ready for 2007 or just doesn't want to bet on a single party. Or are they maybe planning a new Xbox 360 model with HD-DVD player build-in? It might just shine another light on this newsarticle.

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richie007bond5249d ago

Great idea it took me weeks of surfing the web and trawling the high street stores to get a hd dvd drive add on,i just managed to get one which was lucky as the stock that came in that day in my local blockbuster sold out,these drives are selling like hot cakes.thanks microsoft

Funky Town_TX5249d ago

Lie-on makes a stand alone. It will be cheap as hell.

Scrumptious5249d ago (Edited 5249d ago )

To match the 360 price drop in the spring? This would kill the PS3!